quarles living room design

Quarles Home Living Room Reveal

We are so excited to reveal the final photos of our personal living room today! We are taking things slowly with the updates at our home, so this is the first space that we can truly mark off as “complete.”

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Peach and Pine Dream House: Kitchen Plans

Hey guys! This post has been a long time in the making and will be even longer before all the dreams and plans I’m about to share are realized in real life. I’m excited to look back on this post once our kitchen is complete and see if we stuck firmly to the plan or veered off in another direction one way or another.

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2015 Home in Review

Every year, it feels so improbable that yet another year has come and gone. The hours feel so long and the years so short. I am enjoying the end of this year because I think 2015 might be one of my favorite years yet on a personal level, and it has been the most trans-formative…

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