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Hey guys! Jeremy here. We’re back to a holiday classic here at Peach and Pine Home – the Gift Guide for the Handy Guy. We did our first Handy Guy Gift Guide in 2016, and followed it up in 2017 with volume 2. We took last year off with the birth of our son, but are right back to it here in 2019.

All of these ideas are great for the handy guy in your life – whether you’re shopping for a DIY dad or your hard-hammering husband, these ideas are perfect for any handy guy.

Gift Guide For The Handy Guy (vol. 3)

by Blundstone

In the past, I’ve recommended the Sketchers Work Boots before, as I have a pair and love mine. Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve discontinued the style that I love, but not to worry! We’ve got something a little classier in the works….these Blundstones! These are actually mine and Chandler’s gifts to each other this year, but they come highly recommended by a number of our friends. Super durable and super comfortable – perfect for the handy guy on his feet.

Its cordless…

Every handy guy has a circular saw. Whether you’re doing big projects or small, you’ve always gotta cut something. One of the most annoying things about any power tool is finding an outlet to plug it in, especially if you’re working outside. Well, say goodbye to that hassle with this cordless circular saw! It’s a gamechanger for quick projects where you don’t want the hassle of dragging your 100ft extension cable around to make one cut.

I just have the regular Airpods, but, of course, Apple has now produced an even better version and I’m jealous. These are an absolute LIFESAVER when it comes to doing projects around the house. Never again will you have to run your headphone cable through your shirt and get all kerfuffled while you’re working. All you need is to pop in your Airpods, and listen away. I’ve burned through endless hours of podcasts while doing yard work and home projects, and I’m really not sure how I did it before.

I love a great sweater. That’s really all there is to it. I have two RCVA sweaters that I absolutely wear out in the winter. They aren’t the fanciest, but they are plenty durable to wear during a project. They get the job done, and that’s what I like about them.

This one especially goes out to the handy guy who is often solo. When you find yourself more often than not really need someone on the other end of the tape measure, this bad boy is for you. It’s mega accurate and super easy to use. For getting quick measurements of really tall and/or wide spaces, this is what you need.

Remember how I said I like sweaters? Well, I like vests too. When it’s not so cold outside that you want to go full sweater mode, but you’re still a little chilly just wearing a regular shirt, this guy will keep your core nice and toasty. Also, I couldn’t do a gift guide without including something from Filson, so here it is!

Ok, these are cool. For the handy guy that loses things from time to time, these Tile products are the jam. Using BlueTooth, you can attach various Tile products to any item in your home (wallet, keys, tools, children) and be able to keep up with them at all times. The Tile app can locate and ping your item wherever it is!

Ok, two Filson items. I can’t help myself…

As every handy guy knows, one of the hardest parts about doing projects in the cold is that it can be really difficult to do precise work with gloves on. Fingerless gloves are a great option for some projects, as they allow you to feel precisely yet keep the majority of your hands warm. You can work until you can’t feel your fingers! (at which point, it’ll just be like wearing normal gloves)

An oldie but a goodie. Every handy guy loves a yeti. This is a great size to keep around on a project for any beverage, hot or cold.

There you have it! Volume 3 of the gift guide for the handy guy. We hope you enjoyed this year’s rendition. Is there something awesome you’ve found for your handy guy recently? Comment below and let us know!