photo nashville-skyline_zps220595f6.jpg

Lately, I have been reminded of how much I love the city we live in. There is nowhere I would rather live. All my Nashville friends, can I get an amen?

It’s such an amazing place to be a 20-something. This place is growing and changing as my peers and I grow and change into adults. People go to college here, and they never leave. This city has a way of working its way into the hearts of the people who live here and making you feel like it is all your own. Like you own a piece of it and it owns you.

It is alive and exciting. It’s city life and tree lined hills. It’s college students, single professionals, and families. It’s new buildings next to old. It’s historic and modern. It’s southern hospitality. It’s live music everywhere. It’s the best place to dream big, even if everyone else is chasing their own dreams alongside you. It’s jaded and optimistic. It’s impossible and full of possibilities.

The weather is unpredictable. Last Monday we had temps in the 80s and this weekend we had winter weather advisories and snow chances. The people come here full of wonder, and many don’t “make it” in the way they hoped and become discouraged and jaded. In a land of hipsters, everyone tries to be individual and unique, so, often, no one is. No city is perfect, but this imperfect city is my favorite one on the planet.

Love your city today.