Slow and steady wins the race. It’s been over two months since we started our garage to master bedroom renovation.

In that two months, we spent 11 days in a foreign country, and then Jeremy left on tour for 29 shows in 6 weeks. He came home from tour on Tuesday. Hallelujah! So, the progress has been slow and steady. But the amount of money we are saving doing this ourselves is astronomical. And we really aren’t in a hurry, so all is well.

So, here is the update.

The view looking from the new closet toward the window. Imagine a tufted headboard and king sized bed against the right hand wall. And four can lights in each corner of the room to replace the weird light in the middle. Oh, yes, and an actual ceiling.

 photo garage_zps0c923547.jpg photo garage2_zps3f0c5a15.jpg photo garage3_zps505b1ca3.jpg

This is the angle from the window back toward the new closet.

 photo garage4_zps8d969663.jpg

Look at the size of that closet!

You have to have a bit of imagination to picture the future of this room, but imagine this…

Master Bedroom Mood Board

This is my vision for the room. I want it to feel like a hotel room. With white bedding, and a fabric headboard. We are aiming to get a king sized bed for the first time, and I am hoping to mix textures and colors. A hint of traditional. A hint of industrial. Lots of neutrals…grays, whites, creams, tans, taupes…with shades of blue and hints of gold. Elegant. Understated.

What do you think? So excited for things to continue coming together. Next, Jeremy will be fixing the ductwork in the ceiling, re-installing ceiling drywall, and likely doing some bathroom renovation in order to create a door into the basement bathroom from the bedroom.

One step at a time.