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As I mentioned in my last post here, I am still processing through 2013 and all that I have learned this year. I am also processing my dreams and goals for 2014. But it is fun to think back on some of my favorite fun moments of 2013. And what better way to do that than...Instagram of course!
1. Closing Our House – March 2013
This year was marked by this new phase of life.

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2. The season of weddings – April/May 2013
We had a blast in the spring with four weddings in five weeks. Love was in the air!

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3. High School Camp in Panama City Beach – June 2013
Hanging out with High School students, spending time with God, and the beach. That’s a winning combination. We love student ministry.

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4. One Year Anniversary at the Beach – June 2013
We followed our camp week with some one-on-one time at a beach resort. Exactly what we needed.

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5. Summer Visits With Family – July & August 2013
I live 14 hours from my family, but I was able to make a surprise trip home and then my sister, future brother-in-law, and mom were able to come visit over the summer. It’s the little moments.

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6. Los Angeles Vacation – September 2013
We both agree our trip to California was the highlight of our year. We changed the location of our trip 10 days before we left, and we are so glad we did. What great memories.
7. Fall in Nashville – October 2013
So many memories were made this fall. We went camping and enjoyed all that fall in Nashville has to offer.
8. A Month on Tour – November 2013
So, it wasn’t a whole month. I kept my day job 🙂 But my husband spends a lot of time on tour, and I was able to travel with him, nanny for his boss’ kids, and see what bus life is like every weekend in November. I was so tired by the end of the month, but I loved the new experiences.

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9. The Christmas of the Kittens – December 2013
A neighborhood cat had three kittens in our yard and then abandoned them when they were two weeks old in late November. We bottle fed them and taught them to use the litter box and have loved on them as they have brought us SO much joy this Christmas season. It was an unexpected, time consuming, yet rewarding Christmas gift. One of them just may have found her permanent home with us.

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10. Holidays at Home – November & December 2013
As I mentioned earlier, we both live away from our families, so every moment of family time becomes a year highlight. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, we had wonderful time with both families.

As I scrolled through all of my pictures from this year and thought back on all that has happened, I was struck by the value of the small moments. We did some fun things and had some fun adventures, and I am the first one to hope and wish for great big, memory making things to happen, but out of the 365 days, only a few were made up of vacations or monumental moments.

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In fact, after 2012 when we graduated college, got married, started our first real life jobs, and all that comes with life altering changes like that, 2013 seemed pretty static. But it’s the little joys, the life lessons, and the growth that happens when you aren’t looking that make up good (and not so good) years. I’m thankful for those little things and for a God that is consistent through the big and small moments of life.