I wanted to do a sentimental post recapping my thoughts and feelings about 2013. But I’m having a hard time processing it all. It was a year of learning, and a year of everything and not much at all. It was my first full calendar year as a wife, and my first time to own a home. There is so much swirling in my head about 2013 that I can’t quite formulate constructive thoughts quite yet, so it is easier to make lists.
Today, lists about the subject of this blog: our house. And Monday, lists about our life as the Quarles family. So stay tuned for next week’s post about life in 2013. For today, home in 2013. Next week I will also gab about goals for 2014 and a master house to-do-list.

I started this blog in March of 2013, and we closed on our house March 22. I have plans for a great big infographic recap of the year of blogging on the blog-iversary. Today I want to share my top 10 favorite house moments of 2013.

living room tour

#1: Living Room Before & Afters

The living room has definitely been our biggest undertaking so far. I am proud of the overall before-and-after of our main space. It’s been a lot of little projects and a lot of time, and I know it is still a work in progress.

#2: Stenciled Hallway

tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

This was perhaps my most labor intensive project, but I love the subtle glamour it adds to the house.

 photo livingroom-chair_zps8c004abd.jpg

#3: Chevron Chairs

This was my first project, and I completed it before we even moved into the house. It was such a labor of love to turn ugly, stained, green waiting room chairs into accent chairs into our living room, and I credit them with starting my love for DIY.

vintage plate wall without plate hangers

#4: Banquette

This was technically my husband’s and father-in-law’s project. But it was the first idea I had for this house when we toured it. It really makes the most out of our kitchen space.

 photo etsyvsmychair_zps9a2dd15f.jpg

I also re-did some mid-century style chairs for the table. Funny how much money you can save if you try.

Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant

#5: TV Stand Re-Do

This is one of the most viewed posts on the blog because I cover exactly how I was able to paint & “stain” a laminate piece of furniture that I got for FREE on Craigslist.

#6: The Office

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

This is certainly not complete, but I just love this room. Enough said.

All Precious & Pleasant Christmas Tour 2013
All Precious & Pleasant Christmas Tour 2013

#7: Christmas Tour

I just really like the way our little house looks all decked out for Christmas.

building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog

#8: Floating Console Table

I owe this one again to my handyman husband who took a vision and made it reality. This is one of the most functional and practical solutions to a small space in our home. We love it.

Basement Stairs - All Precious & Pleasant Blog

#9: Basement Staircase

 photo 532842F2-4267-4DAF-8199-D8AB47DB06D3-2728-0000026185EE176D_zpsddb5eeaa.jpg

#10: Buying The House

Items 1-9 were made possible by actually owning this house!! That was a huge step for us this year. We feel so blessed to be able to have a home of our own.