It’s list-making month. We make to-do lists, year wish lists, self improvement lists, and thankfulness lists for the year we just left. Today, I am sharing my house master to-do-list. So many things have changed in our house in nearly 10 months living here, but there are still a lot of plans we want to accomplish. I’m sure as soon as this list is complete, we will come up with even more ideas. But for now…
If you are new to All Precious & Pleasant, be sure to see more before and progress house photos in the House Tour section.

House To-Do List

living room tour

Living Room –       Paint the room Revere Pewter
–       Find/update TV stand
–       Living Room Curtains
–       Find full length sheer curtains
–       Redo chair set
–       Gallery Wall
–       Art for the walls
–       Floating Console Table
–       Sew couch pillows
–       New couch pillow inserts
–       Accent chair for next to the TV stand
–       Add crown molding
–       Living room rug-       Art behind the couch
–       Find small table for between the chairs

my kitchen - all precious & pleasant blog

Kitchen/Dining –       Build banquette
–       Paint banquette
–       Pillows for banquette
–       Cushion for banquette
–       Refinish banquette (I have learned a lot since this first project in our house)
–       Find industrial kitchen table
–       Find/refinish kitchen chairs
–       Window treatments/new blinds
–       White plate wall
–       Kitchen rug
–       New basement door
–       Paint inside of outside door
–       New counter tops (phase 2)
–      Paint cabinets white (phase 2) 
New backsplash (phase 2)

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Office–       Paint room
–       Find/paint desk
–       Find mantel
–       Fix mantel-       Find study chair
–       Ottoman
–       Side table
–       Install curtains –       Organize closet
–       Install something behind the mantel (in progress…stay tuned!)
–       Artwork for above the mantel
–       Style bookshelves (these are sorta styled, but could use more work)
–       Terrarium
–       Round rug
–       Install industrial light-       Update window frame
–       Recover ottoman (maybe?)
–       Art above the desk

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Hallway –       stencil entire hallway with Moroccan stencil

Bathroom Updates

Main Level Bathroom –       Paint walls-       Remove towel rack-       Art above the toilet-       Shelf above the toilet –       Glaze windows –       Caulk window-       New towel rack-       Gallery Wall
–       Replace tile (phase 2)

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Master Bedroom –       Find nightstands
–       Re-do nightstands
–       Install curtains
–       Find lamps
–       Gallery wall
–       New pillows
–       Recover bench for the end of the bed
–       New pillows to update bedding
–       Accessorize room
–       Art above the nightstands

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Second Bedroom –       Get dresser set
–       Install curtains on the second window
–       Paint room dark gray
–       Get quiet time chair
–       Paint/gold dip sewing table and chair
–       Hang art

Basement stairs

Basement Stairs - All Precious & Pleasant Blog

–       Paint gray –       Paint accent walls light gray-       Install new stair railing
–       Install curtains on the window
–       Art above the staircase

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Basement main space
–       Get Moroccan shag rug
–       Board and batten the back wall
–       Find a shoe rack
–       Hang curtains over window
–       Install coffee bar
–       Hang art behind the couch
–       Purchase TV
–       Purchase electric fireplace
–       Get a coffee table–       Rearrange furniture

** A lot of these things have actually been completed, but I haven’t posted about it yet. Stay tuned!

Laundry room


Excuse the last minute iPhone photo. I have yet to do much with this room, so I have yet to get any decent pictures. It does look pretty dire, though, doesn’t it?

–       Get more storage & organize
–       Paint or stencil the walls
–       Craigslist freezer
–       Get a clothes hanger/drying rack

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Basement bedroom
–       Art for the walls
–       White duvet cover
–       Shams
–       Hem curtains
–       Spray paint the bed frame black
–       Added rug to the floor
–       Hang curtains-       Get a colorful quilt
–       Paint the walls a neutral color
–       Update nightstand–       New lamps
–       Get a dresser and antique chair–       Accessorize room–       Convert to music studio (Phase 2; once the garage becomes the guest room)


–       Organize/clean up clutter with plastic bins
–       Finish out room with bay window
–       Stain concrete floors or install new flooring
–       Build large closet
** This garage is going to undergo a major overhaul. Hopefully this year! We can’t wait to turn this into our bigger and better guest room so that the current guest room can become Jeremy’s music studio.

Also, I don’t have ANY good pictures of the garage yet. Excuse that. I promise I will be taking some soon.

bath mat

Basement Bathroom
–       Board and batten on the walls
–       Paint dark, moody blue or gray color
–       Install rustic mirror over existing mirror
–       Replace metal storage unit with wooden storage unit
–       Accessorize


Backyard –       Clean out flower beds
–       Plant butterfly bush
–       Transplant mom’s plants
–       Build back deck
–       Clean out around the big tree
–       Transplant lairope around the trees
–       Transplant elephant ears

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Front Yard
–       kill vines –       Weed around rosebush
–       Plant hydrangea
–       Plant a hosta or nandina in barren spot
–       Transplant hydrangeas (I tried…it failed)
–       Plant clumps of white/green plant in a row along the edge
–       Move rocks from backyard around rose bed