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With Valentine’s Day merely a few days away, it’s time to finish up that last-minute shopping for your hunny or your hubby. With this holiday coming so closely on the heels of Christmas, sometimes it can be hard to come up with gift ideas for your significant other! Lots of people simply go to a nice dinner (which is a great option!), but if you’re looking to do some sort of joint gift for the both of you, we’ve put together a shortlist of 5 items we love using together as a couple.

5 Home Items Every Couple Can Enjoy

1) His/Her House Shoes

House shoes are an old standard for Chandler, but Jeremy wasn’t sold on them immediately. After getting a pair for Christmas, we now BOTH wear ours every day. Freewaters are great – these house shoes are incredibly durable and extremely comfortable. They have a lot of support and a number of different styles. A great little gift for you and your valentine to share!

2) Moccamaster Coffee Maker

After many long years of serving single-cup coffee from our Aeropress (which we still love!), we finally gifted ourselves a real coffeemaker. We did a lot of research and finally settled on the Technivorm Moccamaster (specifically, the KB model). It’s a really sharp-looking coffee maker that uses a pour-over system to evenly soak the grounds (blah, blah for all you non-coffee-ers)…basically it makes a GREAT cup of coffee! For those couples who each have a cup (or two, or three) throughout the day, this is a great option!

3) Solo Stove Fire Pit

The arrival of Valentine’s Day means that Spring isn’t far away (if you can believe that!). If you’re anything like us, we spend as much time as possible outside in the Spring, specifically next to our fire pit/chiminea situation on our back porch. There’s nothing better than a cool night with your valentine hanging out next to the fire. We’ve even found a MINIMAL SMOKE option in Solo Stove Outdoor Fire Pits – they are really cool products that come in a variety of sizes, great for any patio or outdoor situation!

4) Samsung QLED Frame TV

Not as much on the outside time? Or maybe it’s just raining? We always love having a show or movie we’re watching together as a couple (as we write this, it’s currently “The Crown” on Netflix). We’ve always admired the Samsung Frame TVs from afar, and last year on Prime Day we pulled the trigger. Basically, it’s a high-quality Samsung TV that looks like art when it’s turned off. It’s amazing and a great option if you don’t want your space to feel like it’s “centered” around the television. It’s perfect for those cozy indoor nights with your valentine.

We’ll do a full review soon!

5) Board Games

Our last selection is an out-of-the-box idea for your Valentine (literally). We love playing board games with our family and friends, but they can be really fun as just a couple too! Two-person board games can be hard to come by, but some great options are Scrabble, Codenames Duet, and Rivals of Catan. Cap your Valentine’s celebration off with a good old-fashioned competition – that would never backfire! 🙂

Hope this was a helpful guide for your Valentine gift-buying and hope you all have a GREAT Valentine’s Day!