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You may or may not know this about us, but we generally eat pretty healthily – especially when we cook at home. Especially since quarantine 2020 – Chandler has really found that she enjoys cooking and baking in the afternoons as a good wind down from the workday.

For Christmas, we were given the Defined Dish Cookbook by Alex Snodgrass. OH. MY. COOKBOOK! Everything we have tried so far has been absolutely DELICIOUS! As of posting this blog, we’ve tried out 9 recipes so far (which is pretty good for only having it for a month), and we are really impressed. Everything can be adapted to be Whole30, but there are alternative ingredients if you aren’t completely grain-free. We have a lot of family with various food allergies, and this book is PERFECT for that.

The other thing we love about this cookbook – almost every ingredient that is used is something we normally have around the house. The recipes are also easily adaptable (we switched out ground turkey for ground chicken in one recipe, etc). It’s a super accessible cookbook with delicious recipes, and we can’t wait to try more!

Friday Five – Defined Dish Recipes

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Solomillo al Whisky – this is an incredibly flavorful pork and potato dish with a delicious whisky reduction. SO MUCH FLAVOR

Weeknight Lamb Bolognese – really yummy lamb and pasta dish, cooked in red wine which gives it a wonderful flavor

Thai Basil Beef – do we really need to say more than that?

Chipotle Chicken Tostadas with Pineapple Salsa – we LOVED this and is was an easy make. The pineapple salsa puts it over the top!

Greek-Style Meatloaf – one of the first recipes we tried from the book, and it’s a really tasty twist on traditional american meatloaf. It’s hearty and it’s yummy!

Other recipes we’ve loved so far!

  • Thai Green Curry

  • Crispy Slow Cooker Carnitas

  • Creamy Tortilla-less Soup

  • The Best Grain-Free Chicken Nuggets