Sconces 2021

Ever since we found out that we?ll be having a new little member join our family in September, we?ve been trying to remember what things we need for a new baby. It hasn?t been that long since we had a newborn, but it?s amazing how quickly you forget what it was like! It?s been fun to reminisce about the newborn phase, and we were amazed to think about some of the things we STILL use almost daily. We thought we?d put together a short list of those items here!

Baby Favorites We Still Use

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Uppababy Vista Stroller



We have loved our UPPAbaby Vista stroller. It has been a great traveler with us from state to state and even in different countries. We?re looking forward to adding a second attachment in September 🙂

Pro Tip: UppaBaby has amazing customer service! We had to have the seat frame replaced when a shuttle driver broke it, and UppaBaby was amazing to work with!


SkipHop Diaper Bag



This diaper bag has been a huge win. We still take it everywhere we go and it has held up for over 2 years!





The Abiie Beyond Wood High Chair is SUCH a cute high chair! The seat, tray, and footrest are all so easily adjustable. It?s a great high chair that has lasted and will last for years! Now that Judah is bigger, he likes to take the tray off and sit in the chair at the table with us. It works great as a booster!





This sound machine was a great gift from some dear friends, and it has helped us have so many sleep-filled nights! There are a variety of sounds, and the simple design is so nice!





If you saw our Toddler Room Reveal, you?ve seen this crib before. It?s from Ikea and its a great option if you?re looking for a simple, natural wood crib! I love that we were able to move the mattress all the way to the floor now once Judah started climbing out. It has grown with him so well!