One Happy Camper Birthday Party

Hey guys! Chandler here 🙂

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen that our little boy, Judah, celebrated his first birthday this week. It is hard to believe. Maybe sometime soon I will write a post that allows me to wax poetic about how much we love that little munchkin, but today I wanted to share the details of his simple camping party that we threw to celebrate his first year of life!

As I planned his party, I loved looking at photos of other first birthday parties for inspiration, so I figured our pictures might help someone else!

We planned on utilizing our newly finished patio and spacious backyard for the camping theme—complete with a tent setup, but, unfortunately, we had cold, rainy weather the night of the event, so we moved everything inside. Honestly, I ended up being glad we were inside! It’s easier to keep toddlers contained 🙂


We kept things pretty simple! We had around 20 people over. For the food, I loved that a camping theme allowed me to keep things simple. We had hot dogs, chips, a big fruit and veggie display, and then a trail mix bar and s’mores cupcakes—which were my favorite part! Graham cracker crust, chocolate cake, marshmallow frosting. A delicious way to have s’mores without a toddler fire hazard.

For the decor, I once again kept things simple by focusing on one table setup. It was the focal point of the decor, but I didn’t do much else other than that! As I mentioned, we planned on having a tent setup and some other outdoor things, so when we moved it inside, I just decided to make it easy by doing one cute table.






I purchased a plaid tablecloth, a few metal buckets from Hobby Lobby for the trail mix bar, and then I used our camping supplies, antique bins we had around the house, and undecorated mini Christmas trees for the “pine tree” look. I love the way the camping lantern looked on the table!

Judah’s smash cake was a delicious paleo carrot cake made by my sister with a simple cream cheese frosting. Then we topped it with a metal decorative tent and a wooden number 1. When it came time to smash, he picked the whole thing up and brought it to his face. And then hardly ate any cake in the end. But he was cute doing it. And he had cake in his hair the rest of the night.




I didn’t go overboard for this party, and I’m glad of it! The things I loved best were having family and friends around in our small little house to celebrate our boy! Judah was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd, but he warmed up to it and loved pushing his car in circles around the living area just like he does when nobody is here.


Thanks so much to everyone who came to celebrate our boy! We had so much fun.

All photos were taken by my sister, Sydney Goodwin Photography.

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