8 Upholstered Headboards for Every Budget, best upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards are very popular right now, and we love them too! We’ve put together a shortlist of some really great options if you’re looking to make a quick headboard update. Check them out below!

8 Upholstered Headboards for Every Budget

  1. French Seam Headboard $319.99

  2. Betsons Upholstered Wingback $679

  3. Arundel Upholstered Panel $499.05

  4. Jenner Square Upholstered Tufted $799

  5. Montgomery Upholstered $499

  6. Joslyn Striped Upholstered Panel $155.99 (closeout sale)

  7. Lito $899

  8. Sera $599

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