Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - gifts for the homebody

It’s that time of year again, where I get to pick out some of my favorite gifts for handy guys to talk about! I think I’ve got a pretty good list below of things that I’ve really enjoyed this year. They touch on a lot of areas and at a lot of different price points, so hopefully you’ll find something you love for the handy guy in your life! If you have something that should be added to the list, be sure to comment below!


Christmas List Ideas for the Handy Guy – 2020

  1. Blundstone Boots
    These are my favorite boots and the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Let me repeat – THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES – NOT JUST BOOTS – I’VE EVER OWNED! They are rugged, sharp-looking, waterproof, and, like I said, AMAZINGLY comfortable. At $200 they’re an investment, but this is definitely a place where you get what you pay for – and these boots are 100% worth the investment.

  2. All In Motion Men’s Clothes
    A recent discovery, Target has a new (to me) line of activewear called “All In Motion.” It’s their affordable answer to LuLuLemon in my opinion. I recently grabbed a golf shirt that was both the perfect fit AND supremely soft. Everyone knows the first rule of golf is you have to look good to play good, and All in Motion offers shirts, pants, and more for the golf-lover in your family.

    BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Not just golf apparel, this line has incredibly comfortable activewear for anyone – gym pants, shorts, long sleeves, short sleeves, joggers, and more. If your handy guy loves being comfy like I do, anything from this line will be a winner.

  3. Battery-Powered Power Tools
    Battery-powered power tools have come a long way. It used to be that just your drill and a couple of other small tools were battery-powered, but your larger power tools always had that cumbersome power cord. Now even large-form power tools such as saws, blowers, and weed-eaters are battery-powered, and they’re awesome! It’s so nice to be able to interchange the batteries as well. I won’t link to everything here, but a couple of tools that are particularly nice in battery-powered form are:

  4. Laser Distance Measurer
    I think I’ve talked about this before, but this is a great little gift for any handy guy! Measuring up to 65 feet, this makes taking measurements of any room a breeze.

  5. Chirogun
    This is a new one for me, but this little massage gun is pretty spectacular. Chandler loves getting massages, and I hate giving massages – I’m just no good at it. This little guy not only solves that issue, but it’s also easy to use on yourself if your partner isn’t around. Chandler and I have both used it multiple times, and even as I’m writing this post I’ve been using it today for a crick in my neck. Definitely a luxury, but a useful one.
    – note: the model I bought isn’t available anymore, but there are LOTS available that are basically all the same and/or come with different attachments, etc.

  6. Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smart Watch
    Admittedly, I’ve never owned a fitness watch or smartwatch before this one. I’m sure the Apple Watch and others are great, but I have to say that for the price point and the usability – this one takes the cake for me. Let me point out a couple of features I love –

    • Texts, Calls, Etc. – while you can’t send texts from this watch, you can receive them, as well as see phone calls and any other notifications you get to your phone normally. This is a GREAT feature that I didn’t really realize what I was missing. No longer do you have to pull your phone out every time you feel it buzz…just glance down at your watch and see what’s up.

    • Fitness tracking – there are a lot of great fitness tracking options, and the Garmin App is great for looking back through your activities and keeping track of your goals and progress!

    • Golf – if you’ve been around here at all, you know I LOVE golf. This watch has a GOLF function, which is really what pushed me over the top to get it. Golf-specific smartwatches are usually twice as expensive as this watch, so I figured I’d give this one a try first to see how the functionality is. MAN OH MAN! It is so simple to download a course to the watch, and then the watch uses its satellite connection to do the rest. I can just glance down on any given hole and see how far I am from the pin! Need the pin location changed, it’s just a few quick swipes! And, in fact, the Garmin Golf app will actually track your shots on the course so you can look back through your round and get an IMMENSE amount of data. Ok, I’ll stop there. Bottom line, this is a great watch on it’s own, and Garmin’s added golf functionality makes it that much better, especially for me 🙂

  7. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer
    Chandler and I both read this book in 2019, and little did we know that a forced elimination of hurry would soon be upon us in 2020. Regardless if forced or not, this book reminded us of the importance of rest and space. We started taking an “official” and intentional Sabbath every week after reading this book, and just that practice alone has really changed our lives. If you feel the tug of “h
    urry sickness” in your life, this is an easy read that will help eliminate some of that.

  8. Tom’s Natural Deodorant
    Not all handy guys are into the natural deodorant thing, but I am. And I like Tom’s. Some of my friends have said it can leave oil stains on your shirt, I haven’t really experienced that. If you’re wanting a natural deodorant, this one is definitely worth a try. And Amazon has the best price.