Anderson Design Group - Travel Print Gallery Wall

Finding Inspiration For Your Home – Travel

A couple of weeks ago on the podcast, we talked about ways to find inspiration for your home. One of our favorite ways is through our travels – we are always looking for decor for our home that reminds us of places we’ve been and memories that we’ve made. Here are a couple of our favorite ways you can incorporate places you love into your home:

  • collect coffee mugs from places you’ve been and reminisce every morning over a cup of joe (our collection is extensive, in a good way)

  • print photos of your travels and hang them as art pieces (like our black and white gallery wall)

  • buy travel prints you love of places you’ve been

For years, we’ve collected these prints of places we’ve been from a local art studio in Nashville called Anderson Design Group. We love ADG and their work! They are a family-owned business with a huge variety of prints that are all original and beautiful with a vintage travel poster vibe. In our last home, we had these lining the hallway to remind us of our travels every day when we walked to the kitchen. Since moving, we still have most of our art on our dining room floor waiting for a space to feel right – but these felt like the perfect fit for my (Jeremy’s) office. I’m so excited that I get to sit here and draw inspiration daily from these works of art and the memories we made in these places.

Anderson Design Group - Travel Print Gallery Wall

Anderson Design Group - Travel Print Gallery Wall

The specifics

So since I’m sure you’re all chomping at the bit to get your hands on these, I wanted to link the ones that we have here in the gallery wall AS WELL AS link to some of the blogs from our travels to these places. Be sure to also check out Anderson Design Prints to see all of the amazing posters they have from all over the world so you can pick some to remind you of the places YOU love. Enjoy!

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