Comprehensive Shopping Guide to Christmas Decor

Hey guys!

We started decking the halls the first week of November this year, and by the number of houses already lit up with Christmas cheer in our neighborhood alone, I know that I am not the only one that feels like 2020 deserves a little extra Christmas this year!

I have been working on pulling together a list of my favorite Christmas decor items from some easily accessible stores. If you?re looking to add to your decor collection, these are beautiful, classic decorations that will hopefully last for many years!

All prices are full price retail as of the writing of the blog.There are always amazing sales throughout the Christmas season so many things will be even cheaper!

2020 Christmas Tree Guide

The entire idea for this post started with a Christmas tree. We had major response when we talked about our Costco tree on Instagram. Unfortunately, only Costco members can take advantage of that deal! So we?ve picked 3 Christmas Trees below that we think are BEAUTIFUL and also very realistic. If you?re looking for a new artificial tree, maybe one of these is right for you!

Christmas Tree Shopping Guide

  1. Costco 7.5? Pre-Lit Micro LED Christmas Tree (Costco Members Only?sorry!) – $429

  2. Target 7? Balsam Fir Artificial Tree – $240

  3. 7.5 ft Kenwood Frasier Fir Flocked LED Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree – $379


2020 Wreath Guide

I love a beautiful, live greenery wreath at Christmastime. The smell of fresh frasier fir. The classic look of real greens. HOWEVER, I don?t love buying new wreaths every year or the fact that they are usually crispy, dried and falling apart by the end of the season. For that reason, I feel like a beautiful faux wreath is a great investment. And is there anything more classic than a wreath?

Every single one of these wreaths is lush and beautiful and will have people wondering if it?s real or not!

Christmas Wreath Shopping Guide

  1. 30″ St. Germain Battery Operated Mixed Pine Artificial Wreath w/ Timer – $54.98

  2. 30? Elegant Battery Operated Noble Fir Artificial Wreath w/ Timer – $43.98

  3. 30? Starry Light Battery Operated Flocked Frasier Fir Artificial Wreath with Timer – $54.98

  4. Frosted White Berry Wreath – $99.95

  5. Small Mixed Pine Wreath – $39.50

  6. Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath – $120

  7. Pinecone Wreath – $100

  8. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wreath – $100


2020 Greenery Garland Guide

Garland is another one of those classic Christmas decorations that you can use for years and years. Below I included a few low priced garlands and a few mid-priced garlands with a wide range of foliage types. I also think garlands can be mixed together! Eucalyptus and pine? Beautiful combination!

Greenery Garland Shopping Guide

  1. 6? White Pine Berry Garland – $24.99

  2. 12? Elegant Battery Operated Noble Fir Christmas Garland with Timer – $54.98

  3. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland – $79

  4. 6? Pine Leaf and Pinecone Garland – $39.99

  5. Arctic White Spruce Garland – $79

  6. Magnolia Garland – $129


2020 Tree Garland Guide

I love a classic and playful garland for around the tree. These are an inexpensive way to add some whimsy to your tree!

Tree Garland Shopping Guide

  1. Wooden Ball Tree Garland – $30

  2. Red and White Pom Pom Garland – $19.99

  3. Multi Pom Pom Garland – $19.99

  4. Red Striped Stocking Garland – $19.99


Christmas Stockings Guide

Full disclosure: all of these stockings are from the Magnolia line at Target. Because it?s where all of our stockings are from?and I just LOVE their stockings. Inexpensive, beautiful, and classic.

Christmas Stockings Shopping Guide

  1. Chunky Knit Striped Stocking – $15

  2. Plaid with Pom Poms Stocking – $15

  3. Poms Cable Knit Stocking – $15

  4. Woven Plaid Stocking – $15


2020 Mini Christmas Trees & Decor Guide

Can you tell I?m feeling a playful Christmas spirit this year? I just feel like we all need a little lighthearted and colorful Christmas cheer. Like those ombre Christmas trees? Check. And a bunny dressed for a ski trip? Done.

Christmas Decor Shopping Guide

  1. Mini Wooden Trees – $20

  2. Ombre Bottlebrush Trees – $10-$15

  3. Wooden Christmas Tree Porch Sign – $43.49

  4. Galvanized Bucket – $9.99

  5. Wood Chip Christmas Tree – $7.99

  6. Assorted Silver & Snow Ceramic Christmas Tabletop Houses – $9.99

  7. Dressed Winter Activity Animal Christmas Tree Ornament 4 pack – $12

  8. 3.5? Unpotted Balsam Fir – $70


2020 Tree Skirts and Collars Guide

Tree Skirts Shopping Guide

  1. Black Cane Tree Collar – $69.95

  2. Felt Stars Tree Skirt – $100

  3. Cable-Knit Tree Skirt – $30

  4. Woven Striped Tree Skirt – $34.99