As a first time pregnant mama, there has been a big learning curve of figuring out how to tackle pregnancy well. I wanted to share a few of the items that I’ve bought throughout pregnancy that have made these 40 weeks easier and smoother. Any other fellow pregnant mamas out there? I want to know your maternity must-haves! 


1. Blanqi Maternity Tank Top // Built-in back support, flattering fit, sturdy construction, and breathable fabric. So many wins for pregnant mamas with this tank top! It’s expensive, but I think it was worth it for me. I’ve worn it to work out, over leggings with a cardigan or kimono, and even with my jeans.  It is sturdy, a great back support, and makes me feel smoothed out in all the right places!

2. Maternity Full Body Pillow // How in the world do pregnant mamas make it through pregnancy WITHOUT one of these? There are lots of different maternity body pillows, and I’m sure there are lots of good ones! But I went with this Queen Rose Maternity Pillow, and it has been a sleep-saver for me. If you’re preggers, just buy one of these. 

3. Exercise Ball // I’ve never owned my own exercise ball before (I’ve only used them at the gym), but I now roll one all around the house and use it throughout the day! My friend who is a physical therapist recommended I get one to help with pelvic balance and help my body stay aligned in light of some pregnancy pelvic pain that I’ve had, and sitting on that exercise ball instead of my desk chair (and using one at the gym during my workouts) has been one of the best things I’ve done for my physical well being in pregnancy! 

4. Deep Relief Essential Oil // For headaches, weird back pains, and general pain relief when you’re trying to avoid OTC pain killers during pregnancy, Deep Relief has been a huge help for me! I twisted my ankle and got in a car accident during this pregnancy, and having oils that I could rely on for some all natural pain relief has been a major win. 

5. Albion Fit Maternity Friendly Swimsuit // I love that I can wear this during and after pregnancy! It isn’t maternity only but it has grown with me and stayed comfortable throughout pregnancy so that I feel confident in my ever-changing body…even in a swimsuit! I went with the Wave style in Midnight. 

6. Mama Natural Week-By-Week Guide // There are a dozen or so books that I have referenced throughout pregnancy, but this one is the BEST. For anyone who is interested in approaching pregnancy from a natural perspective, this is like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” for natural mamas. I look forward to reading the next chapter every week. 

7. Swing Dresses // For the first seven or so months of this pregnancy, I LIVED in my non-maternity swing dresses. Now that I’m at the tail end of pregnancy, I’m finding ruched maternity dresses to be the most comfortable, but for all of those early, I-can’t-zip-up-my-jeans moments and the middle, is-it-a-burger-or-a-baby days, swing dresses are cute, flattering, and COMFORTABLE. Old Navy has some of my faves, and as we are headed into the Fall season, I’m loving this button down swing dress. I think I may just need it for postpartum/nursing, too! 

8. Spindrift // How can I talk about favorite maternity items without covering my biggest maternity craving? Ice cold, fruity beverages! I’ve been pregnant in the summer months, and I am always craving something cold and refreshing. Spindrift has been my favorite thing to pull out of the fridge. It’s like La Croix…but better because it’s flavored with real fruit instead of elusive “natural flavors.” Mmm…I think I need to go drink a Grapefruit Spindrift about now. 

9. PinkBlush Maternity Floral Wrap Dress // As I’ve entered the later part of pregnancy and watched my body change, I have struggled to find much of anything that I feel pretty in. I slip this dress on and feel feminine, pretty, and comfortable in my own skin. I also love that it’s designed to fit me after baby comes, too! It will be a great nursing dress for next Spring.

10. Gap Modal Maternity Nightshirt // This thing is SO soft, so comfortable, and perfect for sleeping and wearing around the house. I plan on wearing this during labor at the birth center as well, and I know it will come in handy with my robe during those first weeks of newborn care.