What words come to mind when you think about visiting the doctor’s office? How about: bright, beautiful, modern, and inviting? Oh wait, no?

Most of the time, a doctor’s waiting room feels sterile, generic, and uninviting. So, when Tennessee Alternative Medicine approached me about helping to design their new space, and they began to describe their vision for a beautiful office filled with natural light, plants, and muted pops of color, I was all in.

I have been a patient at Tennessee Alternative Medicine for years. If you’re in the Nashville area and looking for holistic healthcare options, check out the team at TN Alt Med!

This entire office building is new construction, so we got to start from scratch. We knew we wanted to capitalize on the industrial feel and bright, airy window light. I channeled “west coast juice bar vibes” in my color selections and material choices.

This project could not have been completed without the incredible talent of Broken Compass Woodworking. I sketched out my ideas for the floating shelves, the grid shelf wall, and the receptionist desk, and Kyle made it happen using gorgeous maple. Every single piece was executed to perfection. I say that Kyle is the Clint Harp of Nashville. He does absolutely beautiful work with wood!


That receptionist desk has hidden casters so that it can roll if needed, and it moves apart into two pieces. Even still, getting it up to the second floor was quite the feat!

The bottom cabinets are simple IKEA kitchen cabinets, and Kyle with Broken Compass Woodworking built the grid shelving on top.



In addition to TN Alt Med, this space is shared by several other wonderful doctors and therapists. We created a coffee shop style menu board using small maple pieces and clear acrylic letters. I love the way this turned out!

Thank you so much to the team at TN Alt Med for letting me be part of creating this beautiful space!