Six years. Today marks six years since the day we said “I do.” This anniversary feels especially significant. Not because there is anything particularly singular about six times round the sun, but because it’s the last anniversary we will celebrate before we add a baby to the mix. Six years down, and less than four months to go before we go from just the two of us to a family of three. 

People say that it’s hard to remember life before kids once you have them, and I’m sure that this little one (and any others that follow) will change our lives in unrecognizable ways. But I don’t ever want to forget what these six years as two young love birds have been like. We get to parent this kid full-time for the next eighteen years or so, but Jeremy and I will keep hanging out for the rest of our lives. I hope and pray that we never forget each other as our first loves and first priorities, even when chubby little hands and feet are grasping for our attention and running around our house all day long. 

We started dating at 18 and got married when we were barely 22, so we truly had no idea what adulthood meant or who we would become. We have both grown up a lot in these years together, and it’s been the sweetest privilege to grow up side-by-side. That shaggy-haired, slightly awkward college freshman who told me I was “the kind of girl he could see himself marrying someday” became a reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of husband (movie reference, anyone?). 

In these years of marriage, we have truly made the most of our time. We have learned to cook, learned to eat and live healthy, learned to renovate houses, learned to make big decisions, and learned to understand each other better. We have taken seven international trips side-by-side, played and sang countless worship sets and shows together, released two musical albums, bought two houses, honed in our respective career paths, tried new jobs and ended others, and started a business together that has become what I hope will be a lifelong passion.

Jeremy has traveled for work (as a sound engineer and tour manager in the music industry) probably close to 900 days in our short marriage. He has seen every corner of the continental U.S., slept countless nights in tour bus bunks, and made friends and memories to last a lifetime. Those days that I’ve spent at home apart from him have defined me in many ways, too. I have learned to rely on the Lord, to treasure my husband’s presence when he is around, to be independent when I need to be, and to figure out who I am and who I want to become. 

We were discussing the other day how much we really love to do things as a team, and how much we have in common. Our personalities are very different (I never stop talking and he usually does), but we genuinely love to do almost everything together. We have similar goals, similar priorities, similar taste in food, similar travel habits, and similar hobbies. We dream big dreams, and we challenge each other to reach those dreams. I may not play golf or care about football, and he may have very little interest in historical dramas or dill pickles, but in the major things in life, we usually see eye-to-eye. 

This past year has been a big one for us in terms of life decisions, career changes, and a whole lot of “growing up.” In the midst of a lot of anxiety and stress (especially on my end), I have precious memories of difficult nights spent both on our knees together praying big, desperate prayers. We have stepped into a life of both being self-employed, which means that we have had tangible reminders that we have to trust God more than ever for financial provision for our family. We have had to be intentional as a team to trust the Lord with our present and our future. God has not disappointed, and seeing my husband lead our family on difficult days is something I hope to never take for granted. 

If you’ve read this far on this very personal, very sappy post, then thank you. I write these things mostly so that I don’t forget. I don’t want to forget what a precious man God has given me or what a beautiful time this “just us” season has been as we step into the next phase of life with anxious anticipation. Little Baby Quarles, we can’t wait to welcome you. This life is a good one. 

I love you forever, Jeremy Guyton Quarles.