White Roman Shade Update ~ All Precious & PleasantWhite Roman Shade Update ~ All Precious & PleasantSteven Alan Golden Gate Duvet from West Elm White Roman Shade Update ~ All Precious & Pleasant

Our whole house came with basic vinyl mini blinds, and we have been working room-by-room to slowly replace them with better/more sophisticated options. Mini blinds are pretty much only good because they are cheap; I can’t think of any other benefits.
We removed them completely in the office and went with curtains only… We used bamboo blinds in the bedroom… The next on our list was the kitchen. (The guest room is the final room to tackle).

 photo kitchennookshades2_zps121165ae.jpgWhite Roman Shades ~ All Precious & PleasantWhite Roman Shades ~ All Precious & Pleasant

Our need for change was accelerated by the fact that one of the blinds snapped in two on top when I raised it. Quality, I tell ya. So I dug around for options I liked. I thought about roller shades, bamboo shades, wooden blinds, and several DIY options. In the end, due to cost, size availability, and style, I decided to go with white Roman shades. I felt like bamboo could be too many contrasting wood tones in light of the current cabinet color (which will hopefully be changed soon), and I would have had to fork over more cash than I wanted to get the quality and style that I wanted in roller shades. I love how fresh white is, and I want as much natural light in our kitchen as possible while still maintaining privacy (our kitchen windows are really close to our neighbor’s driveway), so white Roman shades did the trick. Have you ever shopped at JC Penney for your home? It is a recent discovery of mine, and I have been really happy to find it! Shipping is always free to store, and free to home over $99. So I ordered all the right sizes in this roman shade, and Jeremy installed them. We installed them high and wide to expand the look of the windows.

What do you think of the white? And how do you cover the windows in your kitchen?