Keep reading to see how YOU can take the #10dollarchallenge.
I married a competitive man. It’s no secret that I, too, have a serious competitive streak. We enjoy board games, word games and Sporcle matches. It’s no surprise, then, that we even know how to turn shopping into a game.

We made a trip to the Nashville Flea Market this weekend, and we decided to compete to see who could find the coolest thing for $10 or less.


After browsing for over an hour, neither of us had purchased anything, and Jeremy was feeling about like this.
But at the last minute, we separated to each shop on our own, and we both found our $10 finds of the day.


I got a couple of vintage metal letters (a J & C) for some bathroom art I will reveal soon. They were $4 a piece, so I didn’t actually spend all of my $10.
Jeremy came out with this super cool Atlanta memento (his home town) that was originally priced at $22 and he got for an even $10 (you gotta haggle at these things). This (empty, duh. Nostalgia only :-)) bourbon container celebrated the 125th anniversary of Atlanta in 1972, and it still has the bourbon tax stamp. It’s all vintage and awesome, and it celebrates a lot of places he grew up going as a child, so it’s awesome.
As usual (though I don’t care to admit it), Jeremy won this particular game with something really unique and special.

This little game we played got me to thinking, and I bet a lot of people have found some pretty amazing things for 10 bucks or less. Some of my favorite #10dollarchallenge finds include.


This desk. Garage sale. $10.
This vase. Garage sale. $3. (Definitely beat the #10dollarchallenge there).
This window pane. Flea market. $5.
This TV stand. Free. #winning.

So, here’s the deal. I want you to take a picture of something AWESOME you found for $10 or less, post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, add the hashtag #10dollarchallenge, and tag me! You can go out and challenge yourself with a new shopping trip, or you can take a picture of something you already own!

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Once I get a roundup of some good spoils, I will post some of my favorites on the blog to prove…you can get fabulous without breaking the bank!

Thanks for playing 🙂