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We have a lovely kitchen. Truly. When I compare it to our first apartment, it might as well belong to Martha Stewart herself. I’m thankful for a renovated kitchen in an old house like ours, and I’m thankful for nice cabinets with hidden hinges, new appliances that function well, and nice tile floors. I am truly grateful, and I know if our kitchen never changes an ounce in the time we live here, my quality of life will not go down one iota.

But I can’t help gazing at dream kitchens and imagining what I would do with mine if I had all the budget in the world. Even without a big budget, we hope to make a few updates someday (maybe countertops? Maybe painting the cabinets? I try not to get ahead of myself).

Here are some of my inspirations.
My dream kitchen would have…
– White cabinets. They are so crisp and clean.
– An island that is different color than the cabinets.
– An apron sink. Swoon.
– Pendant lighting.
– Gray backsplash
– Wide plank dark hardwood floors
– Either very dark or very light countertops. Who has two thumbs and likes contrast? This girl.

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kitchen dreamingkitchen dreamingkitchen dreamingkitchen dreaming

So in my dream world, I would paint our cabinets, add cabinet hardware, and switch out the laminate countertops for granite, marble, butcher block, or some other such luxury.

I do not live in a dream world, however. So thanks for going on a little limb with me…now back to my real kitchen. I can cook delicious meals and invite people in. That’s all that really matters in the end.

Although white is the new brown, and farmhouse apron sinks are the