I recently indulged in a little something called a Conscious Box. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either until I saw the ad pop up for a free Conscious Box (+$7.99 shipping). You may have also seen this on Facebook; their marketing team has been working hard lately. I started looking into the details, and I got pumped up about it.
I thought I would do a little review in case other people were as inundated by their ads as I was. This is a bit of a diversion from our normal programming.

The Conscious Box is a subscription based service that sends you a box of healthy, organic, eco-friendly foods and products every month. In theory, it allows you to test out brands and products. And it sounds kinda fun to get a new package every month. Keep reading to see if I still think it’s worth it.

conscious boxconscious box conscious boxconscious box

So I received my box. I ordered the Gluten-Free Box.
And in the box was another box.
And in that box were a few surprises.

My overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best): 2.

It’s unfortunate to have to do a less than exciting review. They value the box at $19.99 which is what you pay every month to receive it. I’m so glad I didn’t pay that much.

Baby wipes: not that useful to me.
K-Pax Energy: not my thing.
Deer Velvet: weird vitamin that kinda creeps me out.
Kids calm multi vitamin: I don’t have kids
Chia squeeze: meh.
Bops Sea Salt Chips: they didn’t taste very good.
Will Bar: Very good. Super Candy: neutral
Black soap and other toiletries: useful.

So, I was super jazzed, but there were really only two things I wanted. If I had gone to the grocery store to buy just the things I actually wanted, I would have maybe spent $7. Certainly not $19.99. Also, when I looked at the things available online, there was a delicious looking granola from zip chips that was not in my box at all. Disappointing!

I’m sorry to give a bummer review. I love saying happy things on the blog, but I thought this was worth mentioning. It was still fun to try something new! It wasn’t fun that they automatically signed me up for the subscription and charged my credit card without me knowing…which I had to call and fix. The customer service was good on the phone, but that was annoying.

Things I liked about it: the packaging
the idea
the mission of conscious box. It is a really neat concept!

A bit of a short list. Other months might be better, and doing the non gluten free box might be better.

So, there’s my two cents. Or should I say, my $7.99.