My new favorite quote is from Anne of Green Gables: “I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.” And I am. (You may have seen that quote on my Fall Chalkboard).
So to celebrate my love for October, we hosted Jeremy & Chandler’s 3rd annual Fall party at our new pad. The other day, I said to Jeremy, “Thanks for letting me throw parties like this. I know it takes some work.” And he said, “We didn’t buy a house so we could keep it to ourselves!” I love that man. And I agree.

Fall party 1

Our first year party was just a little pumpkin carving soiree in the apartment I shared with my roommate in college. Fun fact: all three couples pictured are now married. How cute.

Fall party 2fall partyfall partyfall partyfall partyfall party1fallparty2fallparty3

And our party last year consisted of a bunch of people crammed into our tiny apartment. It was still a blast.
But it was so nice to have some room to spread out this year, and we had about 30 friends join us for chili & apple cider & pumpkin carving/painting & s’mores by the fire pit.
I didn’t do any outlandish decorating. I just kept things simple. Food was set up in the kitchen (where else?), and we set up a fun pumpkin carving station in the carport right next to the fire pit at the top of the driveway. Complete with Jeremy’s favorite decor item: Cafe lights. Not a lot of pumpkin decorating actually happened because people got busy chatting, but we were ready just in case 🙂
I meant to take a bunch of pictures, but once people started coming I was too busy talking to think about pictures. I did snap a couple candids. I hope my friends still like me after I post these. I am so thankful for friendships, Fall, and fire pits.
It was one of my favorite nights in our home. I love filling it with people.

P.S. My hair still smells like fire. Ah, the scent of autumn.