When our house was updated in ’09 by a contracting company (in between owners), they did a lot of things that I really like. They opened up the floorplan and finished out the basement and refinished the wood floors and such. But one choice they made (for the sake of their wallets, I’m sure) was to install boob lights (a certain style of flushmount light that appropriately has earned that name) in all the bedrooms and the hallway. It is my mission to replace these lights because they are tacky and not all that functional.

Starting with the office.

young house love wire globe lantern

And let me tell you, I am in love with this new fixture. It completely changes the feel of the room!

I owe my excitement to John & Sherry at Young House Love and the folks over at Shades of Light. This is the Small Wire Globe Lantern in Oil Rubbed Bronze from the Young House Love collection at Shades of Light. $89 was outside my usual comfort zone of cheap spending, but is still really affordable for such a gorgeous globe pendant. It reminds me a lot of these lights from Restoration Hardware,Crate & Barrel, and  Z Gallerie.

We had some dear friends over for dinner the other night, and I bribed Philip into helping us hang the fixture with some key lime pie. We had no experience with lighting, but after watching him tackle this, I think we will be brave enough to replace the other boob lights!

young house love wire lantern

I love the design it makes on the ceiling.

young house love wire lantern

This office still has a long way to go, but it has come quite a long way in a few weeks. Let’s see where we are on the list:

So here is my to-do list:

– Spackle & paint the room

– Paint garage sale desk blue

– Find a chair

– Find a light

– Find a rug

– Find a side table  for next to the chair

– Purchase or build an ottoman for the chair

– Recover ottoman

– Repair and move the mantel into the space

– Decorate/accessorize the mantel

– Style the bookshelves

– Install the new light fixture

– Curtains

– Wall art behind the desk

– Hang the mirror above the mantel

young house love wire lantern