I am not one of those bloggers that waits until the finished product to show how things are going. Mostly because if I did that, I would never have anything to write about.
A few weeks ago, I shared with you my plans and dreams for our little home office space. Well, I have made a bit of progress, so I thought I would share how things are coming along.

This still doesn’t feel like an office. It feels like a room where we have put things that would be used for studying or office work. It has a ways to go before it will feel useful or put together or really much of anything, but I am proud of the progress.

I have done a poor job of documenting with pictures, but if you had visited last week, you would have found all the furniture haphazardly shoved to the middle of the room and five paint colors on the walls. Over the weekend, I spent hours painting the room (first ever time to paint a whole room alone), and I have begun to put the parts together.

office mood board

So, here is where we are:

 photo IMG_6000_zpsbd9dd1de.jpg

View from the kitchen into the wall of shelves….
I made an interesting discovery with paint. You will recall from this post that we painted our living room/kitchen Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and then I used that same color to stencil the hallway. Well, this office room ties the hallway and the kitchen together, so I wanted it all to flow together well, but I knew I wanted the walls to be lighter than in the living room/kitchen because this room stays pretty dim. So, I tried something new.

office mood boardoffice mood boardyoung house love wire lanternoffice mood board

I ordered Revere Pewter at 50% strength (color matched in Olympic One from Lowe’s). That means that it is the same color as the rest of the living space, only half as dark! What a novel concept! Once I realized that was a possibility, the world opened up a bit more!
This lovely chair found a friend in this antique brass lamp that I picked up at a yard sale. I love it! Also, I cannot wait to move the antique mantel upstairs to this room! It has so much character, and I really think it is going to make the room fabulous. It will go right along that big blank wall next to the chair.
I have also ordered this completely amazing light fixture for the space. I can hardly wait for it to be delivered (it’s on back order…boo).
And for some reason, when I saw this little horse bust at Home Goods, I had to have it. Don’t ask me why, but I am obsessed.
I am going for: masculine, comfortable, modern chic in this room.

So here is my to-do list:
– Spackle & paint the room – Paint garage sale desk blue – Find a chair – Find a light
– Find a rug
– Find a side table  for next to the chair
– Purchase or build an ottoman for the chair (perhaps tufted…or a fun pouf)
– Repair and move the mantel into the space
– Decorate/accessorize the mantel
– Style the bookshelves
– Install the new light fixture
– Curtains
– Wall art behind the desk

Stay tuned!