jeremy & chandler

Today is Jeremy’s birthday. I am so thankful to be able to celebrate as his wife this year. In order to commemorate, I thought I would continue with my wedding series and feature our couples shots along with a bit of a description of why I love this man. It is going to be sappy. It is mostly meant to be a gift to him, so it’s okay if it makes you gag a little 😉
I love watching friends find their mates and seeing the way that God joins personalities in such a wonderful and sometimes unexpected way.  Jeremy is a fabulous personality balance for me. Here are some of the reasons I think he’s super great.
1. He is a humble servant.
Whether at work, among friends or at home, his heart for others and for God shows in the way that he quietly serves with no request for recognition and without complaint. I am blessed to often be the recipient of that service, and I pray that I can serve him and the Lord as well as he does.

2. We share similar passions.

jeremy & chandler

We make a really fun home-making team. He enjoys doing projects at home almost as much as I do, and I really appreciate that. We also both enjoy hosting people at our home and building friendships. We both love to travel, and perhaps best of all, we both love creating music. It is fun having a partner that enjoys some of the same things that I do.

jeremy & chandler

3. He dreams big.
Whether he is scheming about a someday entrepreneurial adventure, hypothetically inventing a time-saving gadget, or planning for our family, my husband dreams big dreams. He is the king of great ideas, and I admire his zeal for excitement. I pray that I will continue to look past my logic and my insecurities to dream God sized dreams in the same way.
4. He is loyal.

He is the kind of friend that sticks closer than a brother–with his lifelong best guy friends, and even more so with his lucky wife.

5. He pursues my heart, he bears my burdens, and he listens to my every thought.

jeremy & chandler

I am a rambler, an over-thinker, and a constant flurry of words and ideas, yet he continues to listen patiently to my worries, joys, fears, and questions. He truly invests in our conversations, and I am never afraid to be completely vulnerable because I know he will handle my heart with care.
6. He is financially wise.

The fact that he was saving for a down payment on a house (and for an engagement ring and a honeymoon) while he was still a college student says it all. He handles our budget with thoughtfulness, wisdom, and godliness. He is a giver and he knows that our money is ultimately the Lord’s, so he takes great care of what we have–however meager it is. I feel safe knowing that no matter how little or how much God chooses to bless us with, Jeremy will handle it wisely.

7. He brings out the best in me.

He lets me be completely silly, and he loves me anyway. He challenges me to pursue my dreams. He is honest when he knows I need to be told I can do better–even if he knows I will be temporarily upset. He leads me spiritually. He wants me to succeed. Whether with a blog, with songwriting, in my job, in my spiritual life, or with my friends, he runs alongside me and roots for me.

8. He obeys God even when he doesn’t see the end result.

jeremy & chandler

Last year, he felt God calling him to enroll in seminary without knowing why. After finishing a degree in audio engineering, it doesn’t seem the logical path, but he studies hard and continues to pursue his Masters of Divinity, even when we don’t know what God’s ultimate plan looks like or where this is leading. I am thankful for his obedience for the sake of obedience.

9. He is just so good looking.I can’t leave this one out because it is so true. I mean look at that guy. Those piercing blue eyes and cute hair and great jaw line and adorable athletic build. I used to pray for someone with brown hair and blue eyes. I hope our kids look like him someday.

10. I know him better than I’ve ever known anyone, yet he is still a constant surprise.

jeremy & chandler

Jeremy is a quiet fire. He is definitely the more calm, cool and collected of the two of us, and he tends to be more reserved at first, but he still surprises me with his wit, humor, and overall goofiness. Seriously, sometimes I don’t know what to do when he gets silly. And no matter how many days we spend together, I still look forward to seeing what new thing I will learn about him the next day.
11. He is honest and stands his ground. 

Iron sharpens iron here. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, and (especially in our early years of dating) we sometimes bicker. But as strong-willed as I am, I am glad God gave me someone who will call my bluff and work through issues with me. He keeps me humble and shows me strength and grace at the same time.

There you have it. If you made it this far through my hopelessly sappy post, I appreciate it. It is fun to be thankful for someone because it reminds us how lucky we are. Sometimes that is easy to forget when you disagree or when you are tired or when life gets busy. In the midst of all that, I am overwhelmingly grateful for the blessing that is my husband.

jeremy & chandlerjeremy & chandler

Happy Birthday, Jeremy.



P.S. All of the photography is from the incredible Yellow Skinny Photos. We love this husband and wife duo. Be sure to check out their work!

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