Pinterest is the best. and the worst. the very worst. It’s the worst because it makes me want to do more than I have time and money to do. It is the best because I find all sorts of inspiration. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite pins as of late and the inspiration for projects that are looming on the horizon…if I can just find the time!
1. Mantels, mantels, mantels.

all precious & pleasant blog -- mantel love all precious & pleasant blog -- mantel love

I have a bit of a mantel surprise coming your way, blogosphere. I love mantels, and although we bought a house without a fireplace, you better bet this girl is gonna find a way to decorate a mantel (or two). It may or may not be sitting in our garage right now–waiting for some love. Which of these mantels is your favorite?
Links: mantel 1 / mantel 2 / mantel 3 / mantel 4

2. Coffee Bar

One of our favorite parts of home ownership is hosting guests, and we love that the basement can easily become a guest suite of sorts. We have a second personal coffee maker (in addition to the Keurig in the kitchen), and I intend to create a little coffee bar complete with snacks and maybe even a mini fridge to hold water bottles and such when guests are hanging out in the basement! My main concern is that we might decide to move down to the basement.

coffee bar

Links: coffee bar 1 / coffee bar 2.

plank wallplank wall

3. Pallets are awesome. And free. And you can put them on your wall. So I want to do that. Maybe I will sand them and paint them and make a plank wall. I know just the place 🙂

Links: plank wall 1 / plank wall 2 / plank wall 3 / plank wall 4

4. Room inspiration.

room love room love room love

I am still learning what I love and how I want my house to look. I tend to gravitate toward cool colors, lots of textures, subtle pops of patterns, and a mix of modern and antique. Here are some of the rooms that have been inspiring me lately.

Links: room 1 / room 2 / room 3 / room 4 / room 5 / room 6

What has been inspiring you lately?