Kitchen supplies for every kitchen

In conjunction with our toddler room update reveal we did earlier this week, we kept the toddler theme and put together a list of Toddle Essentials that we’ve loved having in this season of toddler parenting life! From sound machines to toy storage, there’s something for every toddler (and toddler parent) here today!

Friday Five – Toddler Essentials

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Most parents are well aware of the wonders of a good sound machine. They can work wonders for a child’s sleep, and, in turn, work wonders for your sleep as well! We have this one and it’s been excellent!

Another sleeping aid – blackout curtains are essential for any toddler room. Pottery Barn and Target both have a boatload of good options!

A big, soft rug is absolutely essential for all your dance parties and play time!

One day when you turn around and have the thought “where did all these toys come from?” it’s at that time you’ll need a toy storage plan. This modular system from Pottery Barn is super cute and customizable for your needs!

A good book collection is our last essential. We read books every night before bed, and its some of the sweetest time together we have all day. We have some favorites including “Maybe God Is Like That Too” and “Baby Loves Thermodynamics