The secondary bathrooms add so much personality to this home. 

On the main floor, we added a bathroom close to the kitchen in the former garage. We started with an original clawfoot tub that was formerly purple and original to the home. We lined the walls with classic black and white tile and a custom vanity built to look like an antique dresser to give the entire space an updated victorian feel. We wanted it to feel as if it could have been original to the home built in 1900. Vintage oil paintings added to the eclectic feel of the space. 

Upstairs, the main bathroom between the bedrooms was quite a puzzle to design. It was built into the angled roof line and originally had two bathtubs, two sinks, and one toilet all in one room. We completely reimagined the layout (and even added a washer and dryer) to create a functional space for a growing family. Then we added style with blue wainscoting and a vintage patterned floral wallpaper. We think this is one of the happiest spaces in the house. 

In between the bedrooms and the bonus room is a bathroom tucked in under the eaves of the house. We added natural light to the space by putting in a skylight and positioning it over a darling bathtub. We chose classic marble and subway tile finishes set against a moody deep green beadboard for a cozy space that reminds us of the English countryside. 

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Downstairs Guest Bathroom Vanity: Broken Compass Woodworking

Twin Bathroom

Upstairs Guest Bathroom

Downstairs Guest Bathroom