Peach and Pine Home - Downtown Nashville AirBNB 14.jpg

We had an awesome time doing this whirlwind of a project! In just over a month, we completely designed and furnished this awesome short-term-rental property near downtown Nashville. Our clients were amazing and they are so excited to have this property available for anyone visiting Nashville!

When we came in, the building was JUST being finished, which meant that we were starting completely from scratch. The entire building is being used as short-term-rentals, so we wanted to make sure our design had elements that stood out above the rest. With the help of our #1 carpenter Kyle Levy of Broken Compass Woodworking and our new friend Becca Wildsmith, we were able to create a space that is unique and stands out in the crowd. Kyle built the beautiful textured accent wall you’ll see, and Becca painted the amazing Nashville mural that guests see immediately upon entry. These elements combined with the furnishings and finishing details we provided truly make this a an amazing place to stay while visiting Nashville. If you’re looking to visit, be sure to check out the listing here!

Nash.Pad Airbnb

Below, you can check out our video reveal and pictures from the project. Enjoy!