I always thought that with my first pregnancy, I would do all the right mom things to document it. But with the busy schedule we keep and being in our first year of small business ownership, I have been so remiss in documenting and sharing the milestones of this 9 month journey! So here I am, at 25 weeks, sharing my FIRST pregnancy update. 

If you missed the memo, we are, in fact, expecting our first little one! We are so excited about starting this new chapter of life! I wanted to share a little Q&A to keep YOU in the know and keep ME from forgetting the details! 

Q: Boy or Girl? 
A: It’s a little boy! 

Q: What’s your due date?
A: He is due on October 25. We are excited for our little Fall baby, 

Q: How did you find out you were expecting?
A: We were open to getting pregnant sometime in 2018, and in early February, I started having my suspicions that something just felt off. As soon as I could, I snuck to Kroger and picked up a pregnancy test. With Jeremy sitting in the living room (unsuspecting), I shut the bathroom door and took the test. Then I stared at it for a few minutes because the second line was SO faint and I truly didn’t know if it was positive or not! Rather than the big announcement I was hoping to make, I came out of the bathroom and stuck the test in his face and said, “What in the world does this mean?!” We both stared at it for another few minutes and debated whether I was pregnant or not! (I know now that ANY second line, no matter how faint, means you’re pregnant. But I’m new at this!) 

We were both busy the next day, so we waited two days and took another, more reliable brand test. This time there was no denying it! We were having a baby! 

Q: How have you been feeling? 
A: Overall, I’m so grateful for how well I have felt during this pregnancy. My first trimester, I never threw up or had significant nausea, but I was just SO tired and had a very long list of food aversions. Hardly anything sounded good; eating was very frustrating.  I definitely didn’t feel like my normal self, but I count my blessings that I wasn’t really ill either. 

As soon as I hit 14 weeks, I felt like I became my normal self again! I got my energy back, my appetite back, and my moods leveled out. Thank goodness! Now I’m just struggling with a few aches and pains, and I’m mentally struggling to embrace my changing figure. Otherwise, things are going well. 

Q: Food cravings? 
A: My taste buds were very limited in the first trimester. I had a couple of random cravings that came and went. But overall, I ate a lot of cereal, fruit, and bland carbs. I kept saying I felt like I had to “eat like a kid to grow a kid” because I just wanted things like frozen chicken nuggets and homemade French fries. Bland, basic, boring. My biggest aversions were roasted veggies (one of my usual staples) and ground turkey. Before I got pregnant, I thought I would eat SO healthy as a pregnant woman, but, although I didn’t eat a lot of junk, my first trimester was all about just getting through it. A few of my strongest cravings were: clementine oranges, cinnamon Chex, Kolaches (all my Texas people know), red Thai curry, and sushi. I wanted ALL the sushi (even though I had to stick to rolls with cooked fish). 

I remember craving sushi SO badly for about a week and almost nothing else in the world sounded good. I went to Whole Foods for lunch and picked up a basic California roll (pregnancy safe!) and literally cried sitting there eating the sushi because I was so happy something actually tasted good. Then, a couple of nights later, Jeremy and I had a date night and the only things I could stomach were sushi and Jeni’s Ice Cream. I kept crying telling him how thankful I was that he took me to eat something that tasted good. Oh pregnancy hormones!

At another point (more recently), Jeremy was out of town on a work trip and I was in a state of despair because the idea of cooking sounded awful and once again the ONLY thing that sounded good was Thai Chicken Curry. He placed an order on UberEats (from hundreds of miles away), and there was curry on my doorstep in 20 minutes. That sweet man takes good care of me. 

Now that things have leveled out, I am at a point that anything and everything tastes good. Jeremy says I’m less picky now than I ever have been in my life. A few of my favorite things in pregnancy have been: 
– Ice cold beverages–especially fruity beverages. Give me all the fresh squeezed juice, ice water, flavored sparkling water, cranberry limeades, kombucha, and unsweetened ice tea! 
– Cold fruit and veggies (basically I like my food to be cold. #pregnantinthesummer). I can’t get enough of berries, peaches, watermelon, cherries, and clementine oranges! I’m also loving cold salads and veggie/fruit juices. I could go for a beet/cucumber/apple/lemon/ginger combo right about now. 
– Cereal. Basically, this is the story of my whole life. But I love me some cereal. Nothing too sweet or sugary. Just something with a good crunch! 
– Ice cream. Have I mentioned cold things? Jeni’s Ice Cream is a little taste of heaven. 
– Pickles. So stereotypical! But so delicious! 
– Baked goods. I could always go for a fresh baked croissant or donut right about now! 
– Asian food. Once again, Thai food and sushi are comfort food for me always. But ESPECIALLY right now. 

Q: Any other weird symptoms? 
A: I’m having aches and pains that I’ve never had before. But on a positive note, I laugh a lot more these days 🙂 For whatever reason, I have been more giggly than ever. Jeremy says he hopes I stay this jolly once the baby comes. 

Q: Do you love being pregnant?
A: I love this baby and I am so excited about our little family, but I don’t love being pregnant. Watching my body change has been hard for me. I’m happy to be experiencing this miracle, but I will be very glad when I’m not pregnant anymore. 

Q: How is Jeremy feeling about everything? 
A; It took him by surprise when we found out I was pregnant, and it took him several weeks to get over the shock.. But it has been so fun to watch him grow more and more excited with time. He is stoked to have a little boy to do life with, and I can’t WAIT to watch him become a father. He has been incredibly sweet with me through all of pregnancy and all of my weird moments and insecure moments. Whenever I haven’t felt the baby move in a bit, I can usually guarantee that if Daddy puts his hand on my belly, baby will move around because he knows his hero is nearby. Jeremy truly will be such a wonderful dad. We are both nervous for the changes ahead, but we are mostly ready for whatever this chapter holds. 

Q: Have you picked a name? 
A: His name is Judah Guyton Quarles. Guyton is a family name, and it is Jeremy’s middle name and Jeremy’s dad’s middle name. Also, this baby comes from a long line of Quarles men with names that start with the letter “J”. So this is another JGQ to keep the line going. 

We had Judah on our list for a while and were keeping it on a list with a few others,, but once we found out it was a boy, it didn’t take long for us to agree wholeheartedly that his name would be Judah. He is our little lion cub. 

Q: Are you taking a baby moon or doing anything else to celebrate? 
A: We are so grateful to have traveled so much and made so many memories in our first 6 years of marriage as just the two of us. We didn’t feel like a baby moon was necessary! But we still decided to take advantage of one final trip before a little one joins the party. Our trip to Seattle was the perfect last hurrah! We might try to take a couple of other weekend getaways between now
and go-time as well. 

Q: How is the nursery coming along? 
This is probably the question I get the most! The truth is, the “nursery” is still a chaotic storage room. I have purchased approximately zero things for the room and done approximately zero projects. Our biggest priority is to get our basement remodeled before baby comes (so family has a place to stay when they come visit!). Once we get that under control, we can start thinking about the nursery! But I have a FULL plan in my head, so once I have the space cleared, the nursery won’t take long 🙂 

Now for a few photos of this pregnancy journey so far! 

Our little announcement! 


I’ve been really inconsistent with the “official” bump pics, but I’ve taken a few! 







We had such a fun gender reveal on Jeremy’s birthday. It was such a joy to celebrate a little BOY with so many friends! We ordered a golf ball on Etsy that exploded with blue powder when Jeremy took a swing! 






Baby had a great trip to Seattle! 



Our pets don’t know what’s about to hit them! 



I’m not making any promises, but I will certainly aim to do a better job at keeping you in the loop for the next 15 weeks or so as baby grows!