It’s been a big week for The Quarles…we bought a new house! Almost four years to the day from when we closed on our first ever home in 2013, we bought our next fixer upper. At the beginning of the year, Jeremy and I both felt like God was pulling us toward change, and we had no idea the changes that would be in store…starting with unexpectedly making an offer on a little red brick ranch on four and a half acres

Jeremy spied this house for sale and was instantly intrigued by the idea of having acreage and a little more space to breathe. The house had good bones and potential and a price tag that was hard to ignore. 

So we met our realtor for our first chance to see the house, and Jeremy was instantly excited. I, on the other hand, was apprehensive. I didn’t feel quite ready to leave our little newlywed home, and the house didn’t quite have the charm and character I dreamed of for our next house. In fact, it’s nearly a clone of our existing house in a lot of ways…except without any of the updates. 

I agreed, however, to make a really low offer on the house thinking that it was honestly unlikely the sellers would even entertain our offer. The home was being sold to settle an estate by the children of the owners of the home who recently passed away. (There are 7 children who were raised in this house!). We knew the home was sentimental to the sellers because they were raised there, so we wrote a little letter to include with our offer letting them know that we would care for the home and bring new life to it. 

I think the letter worked because after a few easy negotiations back and forth, we were under contract. A few weeks later, we listed our house and it sold in less than 24 hours. We have been doing a lot of renovation planning in anticipation of the move. Then on Tuesday, March 21, we signed all the papers and closed on the new place. It definitely feels like God is in this move and in the timeline. We know lots of adventures await. 

Here we are four years ago…


And then this week closing on the new house… 


We have so many renovation plans that will be unfolding over the next months, but to start I wanted to show you some “before” photos. All in all, this house is in really good condition for as old as it is. And the homeowners painted to freshen up the colors, so it really doesn’t look too bad, but we still have lots of grand plans to make it even better! 

Welcome to our new home. Let’s start with the main living/dining/kitchen areas. This area will be undergoing the biggest renovation. Refinishing those hardwoods, knocking down the dividing wall, vaulting the ceiling, removing the paneling, adding exterior French doors. Not to mention an entirely new kitchen from top to bottom! 





Demo on the kitchen has already begun…


Down the hallway are three bedrooms and a bathroom…. 






Next, we can head down to the basement. Currently there is only an exterior basement entrance, so we will be installing an interior basement staircase. Hopefully in the next year, we will be starting to finish out this basement with a master bedroom, master bathroom, flex den, and laundry room. 



Perhaps the weirdest part of this house is this awkward cinderblock bathroom in the middle of the basement. It’s great that there is already plumbing down here, but everything in this room needs to go. 


Finally, the star of the show is the land. I can’t wait for everything to turn green as Spring continues and turns into Summer. We now own 4.5 acres, and we haven’t actually seen it all. We have been exploring the land as we have time, and we keep finding all kinds of junk and treasures like makeshift tree houses and cow troughs. 




Thank you for coming on this little home tour. I can’t wait to take you along the ride as we transform it. Let the renovations begin!