Most of the photos in this post were taken by Sydney Goodwin Photography. 

I am backlogged on a lot of home posts these days (coming soon; pinky promise), but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share about the trip I just took to New England to spend time with my sister and celebrate Fall. 

Jeremy and I try to make a trip to New York City every year to visit my sister and brother-in-law (check out the renovation we did for their house in Long Island). While I may never picture myself living in New York City, I always feel energized by spending a few days there. 

This year, Jeremy was only able to squeeze in a couple days in New York in between work trips, so my sister and I decided to take advantage of geography and spend a couple days driving up into New England for some leaf peeping, fall celebrating, and Gilmore Girls re-enacting (let’s be real). 

After a relaxing first day, we spent our second day riding the train into the city and walking around Soho for design inspiration and Thai food, Greenwich Village, and finally happy hour and Korean food on the Upper West Side (my favorite part of town!). 





Jeremy and I love traveling together! I’m so glad we live in a day and age when traveling is so accessible and we have had the chance to see so many places together! 

On Wednesday, Jeremy flew back to Nashville, and my sister Sydney and I hopped in the car and drove out of the city and into the beautiful countryside of New England. 

We started with apple picking at Lyman Orchards in Connecticut. It was such a great spot! I had never truly been apple picking before, and I see what the hype is about. The setting could not have been prettier! And they had the cutest little pumpkin patch. 








We stayed in a picturesque Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Wallingford, CT, and we proved our Grandma tendencies by walking to an early dinner, taking turns using the bathtub, making tea, and getting in our pajamas and robes by 8pm for several episodes of Gilmore Girls. 

On Thursday, we took our time driving through small towns and small highways in Connecticut and Massachusetts as we made our way to Vermont. We stopped in a few of the towns that inspired Gilmore Girls (Washington Depot and New Milford), and we stopped at a cute little Organic bistro for lunch. 





As soon as we drove into Vermont, we knew it was somewhere special. You should have heard the squeals and giggles coming from the two girls inside our vehicle as we watched the sunset over the deciduous trees on the Equinox mountains. 

We stayed at the most idyllic country inn called the Hill Farm Inn near Manchester, Vermont. I saw photos online and had high hopes, but my hopes were definitely exceeded. The setting was peaceful and beautiful, the decor was well-appointed, elegant, and still casual, the breakfast was delicious, and the porches were perfect for reading. We ate charcuterie and cheese on the porch for dinner and once again turned in early (oh, the luxury!)





Friday morning, we woke up for the sunrise, and we were the only guests awake on the property. We read books, oohed and ahed at the mountains, and bundled up in wool blankets to savor the moment. 


IMG_2549 2.JPG



We took our time in the morning and eventually made our way to Equinox mountain for a hike. Then we had lunch in the cutest little town of Manchester. 

We were so sad to see the day end! But we left on a high with cider donuts, cute pumpkins, and a beautiful sunset picnic.









Life has been so crazy with the career change and house change and all the life changes that it was really hard for me to unplug and take some time off.  But once I finally did, I realized how much I needed it. It was such a welcome break, and I savored every minute.

Sisters are such a treasure and I’m so grateful to have such good ones!