There is a theme running through most of the work we do in kitchens. That, my friends, is the banquette. Some call it a kitchen nook. Others call it bench seating. Everyone calls it cozy. The very first thing I said when we toured our house with the realtor before we bought it was “I want to put a banquette in that corner.” And then it was the first project we did, and Jeremy’s first furniture construction experience. 

Then Jeremy tried a new style with that chunky legged bench on the above right for the West Side Single Story. Now we have another banquette in the works for a project we have coming up that I will be sharing soon. 

But first, I wanted to show you another banquette that Jeremy built this year for some of our friends and neighbors. Also, I thought I would take this opportunity to show off the gorgeous stylings of said neighbors. Their house is adorable. 

The Browns are friends from college, and they contacted us earlier in 2016 when they moved into their new house on the other side of our block and asked Jeremy to build a banquette for their kitchen nook. When we went to see the house, we laughed as we realized the house they bought has the identical floorplan to our house. I have deja vu everytime I go over there! Both of our homes were built nearly 60 years ago, so they’ve been renovated slightly differently, but the bones are exactly the same (check out our house tour here!). 

So, we put a banquette in their home in the same place it is in our home (facing the other direction), and then suggested they buy the same Roman shades. So there is all kinds of repeating happening. 

Without further ado…

Jeremy followed a similar style to our banquette but he added some decorative molding to the front in a clean lined style. The Browns love clean lines and mid century…as you can see from their gorgeous style. 

Here is a better view of the banquette. 

In a smaller home with limited space, I think a banquette is always something that should be considered for three reasons: 

1. A built-in bench automatically adds a sense of luxury and makes the home feel more custom. 

2. You can create a bench with storage that allows for more places to keep entertaining items (or whatever else you want!). Anyone who has lived in an older home with tiny closets knows how much this comes in handy. 

3. You can seat more people in a smaller space because the table can sit closer to the wall. Also, it’s easy to squeeze more people around a bench in a pinch. 

I cannot take any credit for Natalie’s chic and effortless style, but I still wanted to show you some photos because it’s inspiring! I would also like to say that I texted her while they were out of town for Christmas and asked if I could sneak in and take these photos…so this is how her house looks when she goes out of town! Spotless and photo shoot ready! (Please don’t try to come take pictures of my house in the state I often leave it when I’m rushing out of town!) 

Don’t you just love how bright and airy everything is? 

Do you notice the layout similarities to our house? Same skinny plank hardwoods. Same window placement and floorplan. It’s fun to see how similar and yet different the two are! 

The Browns have put a lot of love and effort into transforming their house into something beautiful, and it shows!  It was dark and dated when they moved in, and it’s been fun to see the transformation! I’m glad they let us be a little part of making their house a home!