Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. – Psalm 90:12

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Life has been so busy for us lately. We have been traveling from East to West and back again, together and apart. We have been working hard in lots of areas of life. We have also begun this journey of working together which means it’s easy to come home from my day job and sit down next to Jeremy in the living room and just work until bed. Then we look up from our computers at the end of the day and it’s like we are seeing each other for the first time. 

Jeremy challenged me to find a moment to just sit and be present. Stop frenetically doing and just sit and think. My first reaction was “Yeah right. I can’t stop!” But then I realized that it’s a problem if I can’t just stop for a minute and be present. 

I think a lot about time management. How to squeeze the most out of every minute of every day. I make lists and I work on schedules and systems. 

But sometimes making the most of our time isn’t about checking more off the to-do list so that we can move on to the next thing. It’s about being PRESENT right where we are and enjoying the place we are planted. 

When a company called JORD Watches contacted us and wanted to send us a watch to try out, I hesitated for a moment because we are home design people. Not watch people. But the more I read about the company, the more I realized I could get behind it. Not only are the watches beautiful and look really pretty in the midst of my home decor,  but the motto behind the company is really in line with my own goals for our life. 

(Keep reading; you can win a gift card for a watch of your own!) 

On their “about me” page, they say this about their timepieces: 

The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.

I seriously LOVE that! I’m working to shift my perspective of what it means to make time count. I want to soak in the moments right where we are and not always focus on what needs to be done next. 

What does that look like? I think it looks like making the most of our time at home. And not always thinking about how to make our home better. We can love it just as it is. We can savor it. Even when it’s messy or the furniture isn’t exactly what we want or the floorplan is frustrating.

It looks like taking the time to enjoy the city where we are planted. 

To take in the flavors and sights and sounds. 

To go for a walk together and just be present. 

To visit old places that matter and reminisce on old times (like our beloved alma mater, Belmont University)

We love to travel. We love new places and experiences. We love to work hard and get things done. But sometimes making the most of our time means loving the things close to home. It means taking an afternoon off from the to-do list to find joy in time together and the place where we have set our roots. 

As a side note, isn’t that watch just gorgeous? I wear it daily now. Wood goes with everything. JORD Watches sponsored this post, and they just have the loveliest watches for men and women (click here to shop!

I picked the Fieldcrest Maple and Zebrawood Watch, and the different shades of wood are so beautiful. 

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One final thing…I can’t show you all of these pretty pictures of our city without telling you about some of our favorite spots featured here! If you are ever in Nashville, here are some Peach & Pine recommendations (and if you shoot me a message on Instagram or an email at peachandpinechandler@gmail.com, I can send you a much longer list!) 

Favorite lunch spots: 
– Bartaco
(featured above) – try the Chef’s special combo…the perfect meal for two! 
Burger Up
– Thai Phuket
– Baja Burrito
Favorite brunch spots: 

– Germantown Cafe
– Marche
– Proper Bagel
– Pfunky Griddle

Favorite dinner spots:
– Bella Napoli
– 5th & Taylor
– Urban Grub
Favorite treat stops: 
Jeni’s Ice Cream
– Five Daughters Bakery
– Legato Gelato
Favorite coffee hangs: 
– Pinewood Social (featured above) – you can also grab some awesome food here, go bowling, try amazing cocktails, and hang out to play board games and bocce ball. 
– Frothy Monkey
– Bongo Java
Favorite Hang Spots: 
Pedestrian Bridge (featured above) 
– Area historical homes (Belmont Mansion featured above) 
– Downtown Franklin – it’s a bit more of a drive, but it’s worth it! 
Cheekwood Botanical Garden

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