This year took me by surprise. I didn’t have particularly grand expectations for 2015, but as I look back, I realize that it was one of my favorite years yet. I feel like I have grown a lot in my understanding of myself this year. Our marriage is richer and fuller. I feel more confident, more humbled, and more assured in who I am in Christ than I have before.
We did a lot of major projects around the house, and all of a sudden our home feels a lot more like “us.”

We traveled a lot. We took a trip to Italy around our third anniversary which was at the very top of my bucket list. It was the trip of a lifetime and some of my favorite days of my life. This year I also found myself in Portland, northern California, South Florida, Chattanooga, New York City, Orlando, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Texas and a handful of other places.

I started a new position in a new department at my record label job in January. That has brought with it more travel and a large learning curve, but it has been an exciting and great change.

This year, we left a church we loved and joined a new one, joined a new Bible study, and started leading 7th graders on Wednesday nights. It’s been a year of spiritual growth for us as a couple and individually.

Perhaps the most personally significant for me is the recording of my second musical project, The Color EP, which will release at the top of 2016. I’ve been thinking of releasing new music for several years as I have struggled with a lot of fear and insecurity, but music was one of the biggest parts of my life for most of my life, and it has felt like a re-awakening as I have been reminded of the joy of following my God-given passion and recorded music once again.

This year has been full of big life events and little moments.
Births of sweet babies to two of my best friends.
Saying goodbye to the house that raised me.
Visits with family near and far.
Memories made with my husband as we continue to grow into adulthood together.
Quiet moments on snowy days.
Colorful trips around the world.

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2015, you were absolutely exactly what I needed. I greet you, 2016, with open arms.