Fall means warm meals cooked with love in the kitchen, cozy nights at home cuddling under blankets, cool mornings outside with a cup of Trader Joe’s pumpkin coffee and my journal, and evenings hanging out with friends who feel more like family. Fall means drives in the country and fresh beginnings. Fall means beauty and warmth. 
I believe decorating a home for the seasons means creating a place to invite the joys of the season into your house. Yes, I love all the seasonal decor like flowers in the spring, pumpkins in the Fall, and greenery during Christmas season, but it’s about more than that. It’s about a place to make memories. And  I have to admit, I love staging things and making them look pretty, too.

Also, let’s be honest, our house doesn’t look like this all season long. Sometimes life gets messy. Also, I reused pumpkins in different places for this house tour. I say that because I’ve learned something recently about blogging and taking photos. It’s ok to gussy things up and make them look beautiful, and it’s also ok to understand that things aren’t always picture perfect. But there’s something important about enjoying the pretty little things for the sake of it.

So, come on in. In keeping with what I said earlier, I kept things pretty simple. I focused on mixing in some warm colors, making throw blankets available, and dotting pumpkins around the house. 

 photo IMG_9780_zpsmj9yljok.jpg photo IMG_9741_zpsqloiirnj.jpg photo IMG_9756_zpsuhtbb7en.jpg photo IMG_9763_zpsgkzguteq.jpg photo IMG_9725_zpsgm272i9u.jpg photo IMG_9769_zpsmx0hzd8k.jpg photo IMG_9731_zpsp0wciegu.jpg photo IMG_9772_zpslldbe5ni.jpg photo IMG_9783_zpshkprl6mj.jpg photo IMG_9765_zps3az7w3x8.jpg photo IMG_9695_zps0jlrluh1.jpg photo IMG_9692_zpsxlw3am0i.jpg photo IMG_9686_zpse3yqomtn.jpg photo IMG_9664_zpsbwzylizh.jpg photo IMG_9658_zpssqrp603m.jpg

Come on in to the reading room!

 photo IMG_9604_zpsqodtxbml.jpg photo IMG_9582_zpsfbo8yy6i.jpg photo IMG_9625_zps0j7xejld.jpg photo IMG_9618_zps28wmx9tf.jpg

Come on downstairs to the basement. Let me show you our new mudroom.

 photo IMG_9799_zpsmncjg7aj.jpg photo IMG_9814_zpsslu0ldqs.jpg photo IMG_9836_zpsvoyh5ut3.jpg photo IMG_9838_zpshirf89kl.jpg photo IMG_9837_zpsqubfucps.jpg photo IMG_9820_zpsyhmkjnbr.jpg

Now, I’ll give you a peek into our master bedroom. Ever since the grand reveal of this room transformation, I haven’t shown it off a whole lot, but today I set it up for breakfast in bed and added decorative pillows to the bed and window seat which I haven’t done before.

Thanks for coming around and checking out our home all decked out for Fall. I can’t wait to show you some outside spaces soon! We are working on a new space outside that I think you will love!