We have a major project happening at the Quarles’ home, and it’s been in the works for over a month before it has gotten any face time here on the blog.
About to fix that.

You may remember our garage.

Or you may not…we haven’t talked about it much.

It’s situated under the house and behind in a rather awkward location. We have a two car carport, so we have never parked a car in it (and the previous owners didn’t either). It was just a storage space for junk and spiders.

We knew when we bought the house that we wanted to do something with the space and convert it into a room. Now the work has begun.
 photo garage2_zps1be2d16b.jpg
 photo garage1_zps5b4bed41.jpg
 photo garage3_zps0cd1f12a.jpg
 photo garage4_zps0722ee62.jpg
 photo garage5_zps7e80d322.jpg
Woah. Just like that. No more garage door.
 photo garage6_zps41bb0fb1.jpg

And the inside looks like this…part of the ceiling is missing and there is a window where there wasn’t one before.
 photo garage7_zps522e85c7.jpg
 photo garage8_zps0cf31a92.jpg

This is going to be our master bedroom. I was hoping for November…we are thinking more like top of the new year. Both existing bedrooms upstairs will be guest rooms which will be a great space for guests who come to visit.

Here is a rough to-do list and where we are on that list…
– Remove garage door 
– Demo and remove existing closet 
– Build walls and install door for new closet
– Close in long skinny closet 
– Make opening for long skinny closet in the adjacent den
– Install new window 
– Install siding outside
Install outdoor electric outlet
– Caulk siding
– Paint siding
– Install new insulation
– Install new wall drywall
– Remove ceiling drywall in main room section
– Install new ceiling drywall
– Condense existing ceiling air vents
– Install new baseboards
– Paint concrete floors a dark gray
– Paint walls
– Install new light fixture
– Install closet hanging hardware

That list is very basic. There are a million little projects. But here is the amazing part…my husband and his dad are doing this all themselves. We are not hiring a contractor. I am helping where I can…and then at the end I will paint and decorated the living daylights out of it.

When all is said and done, the walls will be smooth, everything will make a lot more sense, and it will look like an actual bedroom. I’m pretty excited about it.

It’s a little overwhelming to try to explain all the little parts in a single blog post. I will probably just post updates along the way until we get to the more visually exciting things. For now, I leave you with this little video…