We call this room the office. It’s really more of a reading/writing room. Whatever it is, I love it. I love it the most of all rooms in our house. Because in the mornings, I get just the right amount of light streaming in that window to sit in that comfy chair and read my bible and journal. And in the evenings I can write a song on the piano. And it just feels like a room that doesn’t need clutter or a lot of use.
Yesterday I updated you on my faux pallet wall, so today I thought I would give you a good overview of how the room is looking as a whole.

This is how the room started. Just a basic beige like the rest of the house.

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

So, we have painted everything Revere Pewter at 50% strength, brought in a desk that we have since moved to the basement, purchased an antique mantel from Craigslist, installed a pallet wall, accessorized, brought in an arm chair, ottoman, side table, and lamp, hung white curtains, taken down the mini blinds, accessorized the book shelves, and moved my keyboard into the room to make it more of an intentional music space. My favorite update was the industrial light that we installed.

Come on in!

 photo office2_zps5caf0ba6.jpg photo office1_zps3f5e83a3.jpg photo fauxpalletwall3_zps56efc603.jpg photo fauxpalletwall2_zps3cc3f1fc.jpg photo office3_zpsf3ba398a.jpg

So, now, the main thing that is missing is a rug, but I can’t decide what size and where it should go. I love the way Dana from House Tweaking uses Turkish Kilim Rugs all the way through her house. They are to die for! But they also make my wallet want to die! Any tips for a good deal on a Kilim rug?

I mean look how beautiful the richness and colors. I feel like that could be what this room needs.



So, give me your rug shopping tips. Or just give me a rug.

Source list:
Paint Color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore at 50% strength.
Mantel: Craigslist
Chalkboard: Flea market DIY project
Globe figurine: Antique Store
Ottoman: Nashville Flea Market
Side Table: Nashville Flea Market
Lamp: Garage Sale
Curtains: IKEA
Stripe Blanket: IKEA
Bookshelves:  hand me downs