I have a new house motto. It’s unofficial, but here is what I believe:
Houses are for living and loving. 

It’s that simple. I’m starting to sound like a broken record because I’ve talked about this concept quite a bit, but I just feel so grateful to have a home because it means we get to make it our own in order to live life together and love each other and others. 

As a result, it is a priority for us to have a good space for guests to visit. That was the basement, but since we moved the home studio into what was the guest room and have yet to finish out the garage (contractor came Friday to give us an estimate!), the guest room has moved upstairs into what was just our spare room (where I keep all of my clothes since this old house has tiny closets.) I don’t want it to stay here simply because there is only one bathroom upstairs and it’s nice for guests to have their own space, but for now it will do quite nicely.

Guest Room Progress - All Precious & Pleasant BlogGuest Room Progress...All Precious & Pleasant BlogGuest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant BlogGuest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog

So, here is a look back at the stages of this room…
Wow! What a difference, right?!
This is a temporary and incomplete set up, but I already love it. Here is what I did:

– Painted the walls Chelsea Gray and the ceiling White Dove by Benjamin Moore.
– Moved the bed up from downstairs
– Used existing french provincial furniture (belonged to Jeremy’s mom when she was younger)
– Used existing wingback chair (one of my favorite furniture finds)
– Used existing curtains (Home Goods…and not the right length.)
– Shopped the house for a side table and accessories.
– Used existing bedding.

So, moral of the story, all I’ve done is use things I already had and paint the room. But it already feels like it’s starting to be guest ready with just that!

Here are some plans for the space:

– Get a white duvet cover, white shams, and throw pillows to accent the bed (this will eventually move with the bed down to the basement when the guest room opens back up down there)
– Paint the black bed frame white
– Get matching curtains for both windows (probably just white. The existing curtains will likely be used for throw pillow covers because they are too short for the windows and came from home goods so I won’t be able to find them again.)
– Eventually bring in a day bed for this room once this bed moves downstairs
– Art for the walls.

The wall color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore, and I already want to find another room to paint this color. I LOVE it! It is such a good, rich gray. I’m sorta wishing our whole living room/kitchen was this color, but it is a bit dark. Maybe bottom cabinets someday when we paint the kitchen cabinets?

Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog

Just for a reminder, here is what the guest bedroom looked like in the basement…

I think I would love to add some mint or navy accents in accessories around the room in addition to the coral quilt. I love the contrast of the white and gray with pops of color for a guest room.

Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant BlogGuest Room Progress...All precious & pleasant blogGuest Room Progress...All precious & Pleasant Blog

Here are some inspiring photos (click for sources)…

 photo guestroom3_zps8b3ce028.jpg

And one more progress pic for good measure…