Is Spring/early Summer as busy for you as it is for me? As God breathes warmth back into the earth, we come out of our winter hibernation and whir back to life.
I blogged last week about embracing imperfection in our homes. I think I have been writing more about such topics because in the midst of my crazy schedule, I feel like I should maybe give you guys an excuse as to why I haven’t had any major before-and-afters to show since last month or so. Note to self: I don’t need to make excuses for living life. 

Today is not about an excuse. It is about ways we can love our homes even when we don’t have the time or money to make big changes.

Maybe you are discouraged because your home just doesn’t feel homey. Or because you are renting so you can’t make any big changes. Maybe you are paralyzed by a fear of making the wrong choice, so you don’t make any choices. 

 photo nestingplace_zps78412bd2.jpg

First, read this book (I mentioned this last time).
This is not just a decorating book. It’s a book about loving your home. Thank you, Nester, for inspiring me and making me love my home even more.

Secondly, find some small changes today that make you happy and lift your spirits. It doesn’t mean you have to build furniture or completely make over a room. Here are some ways I made my home happy this week:

 photo kitchen2_zpsa87ce682.jpg photo kitchen3_zpsd7f53565.jpg photo kitchen1_zpse44d6a74.jpg

I changed out broken mini blinds over the kitchen sink for this Roman shade. Then I cleaned my kitchen and cut some fresh Oak Leaf Hydrangea  to put in this new vase I got from an antique store this weekend. I think this may be the start of a milk glass collection for yours truly.
My sink area is happier. The cabinets are still too orange for my taste and the counters are still Formica, but I get to make the choice whether that affects my happiness in my home.

Also, the coffee. The coffee makes me happy.

 photo simple1_zps25ed3402.jpg photo simple3_zpsc9049582.jpg

I spruced up my mantel for summer with a new chalkboard quote, old books, some hydrangea, and that awesome metal orb compass thing that I got at the same antique store for a steal.
And I hung a mirror over my keyboard which is now in the office (more on that move later; I’ve been doing some furniture re-arranging).

So, what are you going to do today to make your home happier? Homes are for living and loving.
So light a candle.
Or hang a piece of art.
Or re-arrange your furniture.
Or buy something small to display on a shelf that other people may not notice but that makes you smile every time you see it.
Or bake cookies just because you like the way it makes your home smell.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to make your house happier. 

Happy Summer!