I spend a lot of time talking about the projects I complete…right after I complete them when they are all shiny and new. Over time, things wear off, so I figured I would share with you how some of my top viewed projects are holding up.
1. Stained & Painted Laminate TV StandGrade = A-

State of the Household 1

This is by far my most viewed post ever. People ask often how the “stained” laminate top is holding up. The answer: very well. Over all, the whole piece is in very much the same condition as it was when I posted about it nearly a year ago. There is a small amount of wear on the top, but it isn’t noticeable unless you look close.

I would not recommend using this technique on a surface that gets a lot of heavy use like a kitchen table or dresser drawers. It works great on a TV stand because most things on top are stationery, but I could see how it could possibly wear off with more heavy use.

Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant

The paint on the laminate has stayed strong! Overall, I give this project an A+ on staying power!

2. Plate WallGrade = A+

State of the Household

This is the other post that is searched for daily. I hung the plates without plate hangers, and they have held up really well. We haven’t had any issues with them falling off the wall or anything! I still love the way they liven up that corner.

3. Revere Pewter WallsGrade = A+

Many of you were interested in how we chose our paint color in the main living space of the house. It was a tough call, but we finally chose Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and I haven’t regretted it for a second.

State of the Household

I love the way it’s cool in the day and warmer in the evening light. It is a great neutral backdrop, and we have since used it in our office, hallway and basement stairwell.

4. Banquette Grade = A+/C

State of the Household

The kitchen nook was one of the first things we tackled when we moved into the house. My, how much I have learned since then. Luckily, my father-in-law was the mastermind behind this one, so the structure of the banquette has held up beautifully. It is just as functional as we had hoped. I LOVE the way it makes use of the small dining space we have. It is one of my favorite things in the house!

I was in charge of the paint job, and it is obvious. In my novice hands, it looked great at first, but I would do things a little differently now. I used wood filler instead of caulk along the edge, and I didn’t seal the paint with polycrilic. This is the part of the project that gets a “C”

State of the Household

It is starting to wear if you look up close, and I will soon be painting another coat, sealing it, and replacing the wood filler with caulk.

5. Sprayed Frosted Bathroom WindowGrade = B-

 photo Updates5-FrostedGlass_zpsef7d77ce.jpg photo Updates5-FrostedGlass2_zps10e40ec4.jpg

I tried using spray paint to frost our bathroom window, and overall I would give the process a B- in light of the cost and ease. The left window looks just like it did when we did it, but the right side window has a few chips. I think with another coat of spray paint, it would fix it. I would say it has held up decently in light of being in a spot where it gets wet daily.

I may not use this method on a really prominent window, but it is just fine for a shower window.

6. Floating Console Table Grade = A+

 photo Updates3-ConsoleTable_zps1368b2b3.jpg

This Pinterest challenge is one of my favorite projects ever. It is a huge asset to our living room, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. There isn’t much to say except it rocks my socks.

7. Jute RugGrade = A 

We went back on forth on what rug we wanted for the living room. I was afraid jute would not wear well and would shed everywhere. We finally decided on a jute rug from Natural Area Rugs, and I could not be happier. We don’t even have a rug pad underneath, and the rubber backing has kept it from sliding on the floors and held the fibers in nicely. No shedding here! It hides dirt well, always looks great, and the texture is exactly what I wanted.

 photo Updates7-rug2_zps94b8161d.jpg

There have been a few frays, and that is the only reason this didn’t get an “A+”

Thanks for keeping up with all of my projects! A new projects page is coming soon to make checking out all the projects even easier!