There is so much to celebrate this week! Love & valentine’s day, the Olympics, the fact that we are nearly halfway through February which means it is almost March which means it is almost Spring, and, last but not least….

The ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of All Precious & Pleasant Blog

Can it be so? It’s hard to believe I have been blogging for a year and we have almost been in our house for a year. So much has happened, and I still have so many big goals for the future as well. To commemorate the occasion, I have two things…a little infographic about what the blog looks like after a year, and a SURVEY for all you monkeys (powered by Survey Monkey, get it?)

It would mean the WORLD to me if you would take this survey letting me know about your experience with AP&P Blog (All Precious & Pleasant). Then comment below and let me know you took it for a chance to win a $5 Starbucks gift card. It’s not a lot, but it will get you something warm to drink on a chilly February day. And right now, they have pink drink cozies. Adorable.

Also, I won’t know if you took it unless you comment and say “I TOOK THE SURVEY”, but your responses will remain anonymous!

Take the Survey HERE

I will remind you again at the end so you don’t forget.

So…here is a little bit about where the blog stands after a year of existence.

BlogIversary Info-graphic

Phew…that’s a lot of info! Let’s break it down, y’all.

Top Posts –
Here are the three you really liked the most!
1. How To Stain & Paint Laminate Furniture (a la our TV stand)
2. 12 Months of Dates (a last minute post I threw together about my wedding gift to Jeremy)
3. How To Hang Plates Without Plate Hangers (via our plate wall above the banquette)

Where you came from…
I analyzed the stats a bit to find out where you guys tend to find the blog from, and I found an overwhelming majority found me by doing some sort of google search, followed by Facebook & Pinterest.

The most popular month for you guys to visit the blog this past year was December, when I posted all about our Christmas Home Tour.

And the most popular day was June 26, 2013 with over 1,000 views when you came to read about Why My Imperfect Marriage Is Better Than a Fairytale Ending.

So, thanks for reading, friends. You make my heart soar. I have a few goals for this coming year…

1. Interact more. I just want to become better about interacting with you, with other bloggers, and with the internet about all things home & life.
2. Continue to work to post more consistently
3. Tackle some major projects…like a bathroom makeover, garage-to-bedroom renovation, and deck finish.
4. Give the blog a new, more user friendly look.

So…you know how you can help me make these dreams come true? By answering my survey questions. Thanks. You’re a peach.

But really, can you take my survey? You could win a Starbucks card! (Did you click on that link? Tricked ya).

Well, that’s all folks. Love ya. Keep reading this week for a few projects coming your way.