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Nothing dresses up a door better than a wreath, and I love reflecting the changing seasons with a seasonal wreath.

There are so many ways to make a wreath, and I love elaborate wreaths like this one, this one, and this one. I mean that, succulent wreath is to die for.

But sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources for something elaborate every season of the year, and you just want something simple.

So, I introduce to you my breakthrough formula for creating a pretty wreath with little time and effort every time.

Fake flowers (or real dried flowers) + grapevine wreath + monogram letter.

That’s it.

So maybe that’s not a breakthrough formula, but it is a great way to make wreath making simple.

Example A: my fall wreath.

Fall Wreath - All Precious & Pleasant Blog

When I first wrote about this one, I mentioned that it wouldn’t be worth doing a whole post about making this wreath because it was so simple, but then people loved it and repinned the wreath, and I thought maybe I would mention it again as I transition into Spring.

Last weekend, I finally threw away the Evergreen boughs that had been adorning our house since Christmas. I think greenery is a great transitional decor item through January, but with February comes signs of spring and change, so I felt it was time to throw out the greenery and bring some flowers back into play.

All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013

So I took all the greenery out of this wreath and brought it back to a simple grapevine wreath (which you could find at any craft store) …

Next, I used a bunch of silk magnolia flowers that I purchased years ago and cut off the blooms with wire cutters.

Then I just strategically placed the flowers on one side of the wreath. You can do this with any fake flowers, and it shouldn’t need anything to secure them. You can just stick the wire into the branches of the wreath and they will be secure enough.

 photo IMG_7028_zps19042bdc.jpg photo IMG_7029_zps2ebd03ff.jpg

For visual balance, I like to tie a wooden monogram letter to the other side of the wreath. Once again, visit your local craft store for cheap wooden letters. You could even paint the letter a fun color or pattern.
So, there you have it, the almost too simple wreath formula. Switch out the flowers seasonally for a fresh look!

Here are some favorite examples on pinterest of the same idea.

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example 1.

 photo wreath2_zps638ead74.jpg

example 2.