I have a backlogged list of house projects to get started on. I mean; have you seen this list? Furniture to buy. Rooms to paint. Wood to cut. The list goes on and on. I’m chomping at the bit to get started on another beautifying project, but I have discovered a new vital truth.
Sometimes you have to clean your room first.

I spent the weekend re-organizing and cleaning out storage spaces in our house.  Several hours and dozens of trash boxes left, we had a freshly organized pantry, office closet, garage, home improvement closet, and laundry room. Phew!

Check out some of the progress. These before pictures are embarrassing!

 photo organize_garage_1_zpsd72787ae.jpg photo organize_garage_2_zps26ac86ec.jpg

Garage… (I just realized these are the first ever blog pictures of the garage. Check out some of our future plans for this place here.)

 photo organize_garage_3_zpsf80bcd1b.jpg

This is the closet where I store all of our tools, paints, and project supplies. I was having trouble finding anything before! How does this happen?

 photo organize_laundry_before_zps1a4bef97.jpg photo organize_laundry_after_zps602d0839.jpg

Laundry room…

 photo organize_pantrycloset_zpsff1612a8.jpg

I also worked on the pantry and the closet in the office, but I forgot to take “before” pictures (#badblogger). Also all of these pictures are terrible iphone quality. I need to stop apologizing.

The moral of the story is that not everything you work hard on has a beautiful and stylish reveal. Most people who come over will never even see our storage spaces, but it’s in the day-t0-day, the organization, the un-glamorous storage spaces, and the grunt work that a home is really made.

Do you have an organization overhaul in your future? My advice? Take the bull by the horns and get it done. You will feel better, and it will make room for all the prettier projects up ahead.