Happy Tuesday Everyone! We are back today with our “Where To Shop” series. Today’s stop…ATLANTA! This is only part 1 of Atlanta…we will have another guest post with more Atlanta shopping ideas coming in a couple of weeks. It’s a big city…there are a lot of places to shop!
If you missed the first installment of Where To Shop, check out Nashville here.

I want to introduce you to my good friend Olivia Carswell! She is the voice behind the blog Beautiful & Bright Home and I LOVE her style. She knows how to decorate, y’all. I’m happy to have her visiting All Precious & Pleasant and sharing her favorite places to shop in her hometown. Take it away, Olivia!


Hey guys! I’m excited to share some of my favorite places to shop for your home in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. I wanted to share 2 antique stores, 2 interior decorating stores, and 1 decor outlet that I love.

My favorite way of decorating is to incorporate the old with the new. I can always count on these 2 antique stores in Woodstock, about 30 min outside of Atlanta, to have some amazing one of kind pieces that are moderately priced.

1. Woodstock Antiques


This place will never disappoint. Like every other antique store, you have to be willing to search, but trust me it is worth the time and effort. Some of my favorite pieces I own were bought at Woodstock Antiques.

2. Woodstock Market


Woodstock Market is located directly across the street from Woodstock Antiques so you can hit both back to back. I love that this store has antiques, customized art, refurbished furniture pieces, and unique finds. Tip: If you see something you love, you have to buy it right then because if you leave and come back another day, it will be gone! Pieces fly out of there super quick so there is no waiting around if you find something you love! It’s a great store and I’m positive you will find something beautiful.

3. Pineapple Park



Pineapple Park is a great interior decorating store in downtown Woodstock. They have beautiful furniture, bedding, and lighting. My favorite thing about the store is the amazing candles they sell. Park Hill collection candles are bomb.com and when you have one burning in your home it will make your whole house smell amazing!

4. Bungalow Classic



Now, this is a store that I WISH I could shop at! Its located in the trendy area of Westside Atlanta off of Howell Mill Rd. They have gorgeous pieces of furniture! It’s worth stopping by even if you don’t have the money to spend simply because its beautiful, inspiring, and smells amazing!!!

5. Ballards Backroom


Ballards Backroom has two locations. Atlanta off of Defoors Ave and Alpharetta off of Holcomb Bridge. This store is great because they carry discounted pieces from Ballards Design, a European inspired home furnishings store, for a lot cheaper than the prices on the Ballards website. They carry a wide variety of pieces that change out frequently…rugs, lamps, light fixtures, couches, chairs, bar stools, kitchen tables, mirrors, etc. I have purchased several pieces from here and am very pleased with all of them. Tip: Keep an eye out for pieces you like online and soon they will be at Ballards Backroom for prices that are a little easier to swallow.

So, next time you are in Atlanta, stop by these stores and I’m sure you will find something you’ll love for your home! I know I do…every time 🙂
Happy Shopping!