Lately, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Autumn will do that to you, won’t it? Maybe it’s the change ruffling in the air that makes me reflect. I don’t know.
Not only have I been asking myself questions like, “Am I a good wife?” “What can I do to make the most of my life?” “What are my long term goals?” “How can I love others more fully?” “What does it mean to follow Christ?” and other such brain benders, I have also been thinking about the more fluffy topic of my design style. Questions like “What do I want my house to look like in a year?” and “What are my decorating priorities?” have been mulling in my head like apple cider.

On that note, Sherry from Young House Love recently did an audio interview with Jonathan Adler (catch it here), and she asked him something like, “What advice would you give someone who just bought a house about knowing how to start decorating?” My ears perked up as he answered “Think of what three words you would like to use to describe your house, and start from there.” He said to think of words before you even begin picking color schemes and decor.

So I started reflecting again.

Three words, huh? What three words do I wish people might use to describe my house?

I made a long list of positive words I might use to describe a space. I looked at pictures of rooms and homes I loved. I consulted dictionaries and thesauri. I thumbed through magazines and catalogs. I took this seriously, y’all.

After making a very long list of words that could be used to describe any house, I narrowed it down to words I might use to specifically describe my house. But what three would I choose?

I want my house to feel like…
your favorite pair of jeans
a refreshing glass of lemonade
a weekend getaway to a new city
holding hands with the person you love
an eclectic mixture of textures
a family reunion of young and old
reading through an old journal
a classic novel and a cup of hazelnut coffee
a piece of jewelry passed down for generations

And I think I have arrived at my three words. Except I just had to make it four.
– Storytelling

Here are some rooms that remind me of my words, and what I would like my house to feel like over time.

 photo dreamroom1_zpsa39365ee.jpg

I love rooms to feel like there is story in everything. And for the eclectic use of various styles and eras to add character to the room.


 photo dreamroom3_zps09184790.jpg

It would be a dream to have a room like this someday. I love the textures and the elegance of high ceilings with wooden beams and wide plank floors.


 photo dreamroom7_zpsf80051ab.jpg

A roaring fire, leather chairs, a huge floral display, and white beadboard walls just welcome you right in.


 photo dreamroom5_zps7f4adfc0.jpg


A more colorful and eclectic inspiration photo…

 photo dreamroom8_zps01e178cd.jpg

Of course my mid century ranch really doesn’t look like any of these pictures, but there is style there that I want my home to evoke. I love neutrals with pops of color and beautiful fabrics juxtaposed with metals and rich woods. I could go on, but I think I’ll leave you once more with my four words.

A welcoming home that tells a story with elegance and character.

What are your three four words?