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I’ve got Fall on the brain. You with me? I just love this time of year. The Lord is so faithful even through seasons of change, and the crisp autumn weather, transforming watercolor trees, and farmer’s harvest reminds me of that truth.

I digress.

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I have been itching to decorate my house for this glorious season, but I am saving my money for so many projects that I want to make little changes with just a little money. My first fall decorative project cost me $3.00. I can work with that.
Here’s what you need:
– Empty glass bottles (wine bottles, old soda bottles, salad dressing bottles, etc. Just whatever you have laying around the house)
– Gold acrylic paint (which I already had)
– Twine (also already had)
– Hot glue gun
– Wheat cattails or some other fall floral (I got these in the Kroger floral dept. for $2.99)

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1. Use painters tape to mark where you want the painted stripes and paint inside the lines. It’s not going to look perfect, but that is part of the charm.
2. Remove the tape and place in a cold oven. Heat to 325 degrees with the glass bottles inside. Then bake for around 20 minutes once it heats up, turn the oven off, and let it cool down. Baking the paint will make it more durable and long lasting.
3. Use a spot of hot glue to start the twine in place, wrap to your hearts content, and then finish it off with another hot glue dot.
4. Use your florals to fill the bottles and complete the look of fall.
5. Enjoy them on your mantel.

Happy Fall, Y’all!