Pendant Light Ideas, Pendant Lights We Love

One of the best (and quickest) ways to make a statement in your home is with your lighting choices. We LOVE making changes to lighting fixtures in both our home and in our clients’ homes! Light fixtures are an underrated hero in home design, and today we’ve decided to celebrate this hero by posting 12 Kitchen Pendants for Every Budget! Check them all out below!

12 Kitchen Pendant Lights for Every Budget

  1. Altamont Pendant $312

  2. Adriana Pendant $370.97 (on sale)

  3. Leighton Gold Metal Pendant $269.99

  4. Single Schoolhouse Pendant $148.62 (on sale)

  5. Nordic 1 Light Pendant $187.20

  6. Conical 24” Drum Pendant $423 (on sale)

  7. Matte Black 12” Pendant $178

  8. Globe Pendant $520 (on sale)

  9. Single Dome Pendant $169.99

  10. Garvey Pendant $258

  11. Somerset Buckeye Bronze Pendant by Hinkley $269

  12. Garrett Pendant $276

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