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Hey all, Jeremy here. You might remember a pretty popular post Chandler wrote last year called “A Gift Guide for the Handy Guy.” That post got a lot of good response, so I thought I might try my hand at a volume 2!

I’m a pretty simple guy who often has trouble thinking of what I want at Christmas or at my birthday. In fact, this year Chandler and I aren’t really doing Christmas gifts for each other at all. That being said, there are some things I’ve come across throughout the year that are really cool, so I thought I’d share them here. Hope you enjoy!


1. Filson 24-Hour Tin Briefcase. I got my briefcase from Filson about 2 weeks ago and I am LOVING it! I wanted to get away from backpack life and start carrying less with me on a day-to-day basis, only carrying what I need very intentionally. This bag has plenty of room for everything that I need and is very stylish. It’s made of great material and extremely durable. With as much traveling as I do, this is a perfect bag to carry my laptop/work stuff in.

2. Leather Saddle Gloves. These gloves are part of the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia brand at Target. Of course, you know we love most things Chip and Jo do, and I’ve got to be honest and say that I bought these gloves on day one of the brand launching. They are a really nice leather glove for working outside. They aren’t bulky like a lot of work gloves and are just really comfortable to use. They look great too!

3. Cordless Brad Nailer. This has absolutely been a life-saver while we’ve been working on our renovation this year. I always hated having to drag out my big air compressor whenever I wanted to use our brad nailer. On Thanksgiving last year, Chandler and I happened to stumble into a power tool outlet store (I didn’t even know such things existed!) and find this Ryobi cordless brad nailer. I’ve been using it ever since, and it is probably one of my most used tools to date. We have moved to using a lot of Ryobi products, and it’s nice that we can switch batteries between them all on projects when necessary (we aren’t sponsored by them or anything…I just really like their stuff!). Especially if you’re doing any sort of trim projects, this is going to be your new best friend.

4. Troy Built TB42 Weedeater + Accessories.  If you’ve followed us for any time, you know that we recently moved to a bit of land. Along with that has come a lot of me researching and purchasing yard products that can handle maintaining our 4.4 acres out here in Middle Tennessee. One of my first orders of business was finding a weedeater, and I landed on this Troy Built TB42. Along with getting great reviews, this weedeater is equipped with TrimmerPlus technology. Basically, this technology allows you to switch out the shaft/head of your weedeater to become different yard tools. It’s pretty amazing! It actually ends up being quite a bit less expensive because instead of buying full new tools, I now just have to buy a new head for a tool I already have. The weedeater came with a brush cutter and string trimmer attachment, but all the other attachments I’ve bought have worked great! Here is a list of TrimmerPlus accessories:

TrimmerPlus Accessories I’ve bought:
Brush Cutter (came with TB42)
String Trimmer (came with TB42)
Pole Saw

Other TrimmerPlus Accessories:
Power Broom (also winner of the best accessory name award…given by me)


 5. Travel Mugs. I don’t know about you, but travel mugs are always a struggle for me. So many of them look dumpy or are weird sizes. And of course, weird sized cups don’t fit great in car cupholders, which is the whole point of having a travel mug! Enter Ello Fulton. Not only are these mugs really stylish, they are totally a normal size! Add in being BPA free, gluten free, dairy free, and having a super cool wood handle, these bad boys will help you transport your hot drink in style. 

6. Flannel. This one is pretty obvious, but I’m a fan of the flannel. My favorite flannel shirts I have right now are these Slim Fit Plaid Flannels from J Crew Factory. I’ve got a couple and I love them! One thing I do NOT own but would love to have (one of the few things on my wish list) is this Sherpa-lined Flannel Jacket. I first found it online and then checked it out at the factory outlet in Chicago last week. It’s super warm and I think it’s pretty cool. 

7. Stegg Kettle. I also do not own this kettle, but I sure would like to. This is probably the coolest looking electric kettle I’ve ever seen. Anyone I’ve talked to that has one loves it. It has variable temperature control to hold your water at exactly the temperature you want. And west elm sells it, so you know it’s cool. 

8. Steel Toe Boots. This is a repeat item from our last gift guide, but I have a little update. Obviously there are a lot of options out there, but last year I bought this pair of Sketchers Work Boots and absolutely love them. I have put them through the ringer with the renovation at the Peach and Pine Homestead, and they have withstood the test. They are hearty leather boots and possibly the most comfortable shoes I own. They are awesome. 


So there’s my guide! If you’re a guy like me who has trouble coming up with a list, maybe something here has caught your eye. If you’re a wife looking for something fun for your husband who has no idea what he wants, I’d venture to say that your husband would love anything on this list. Honestly, the phrase “it’s the thought that counts,” really is true, at least for me. So most importantly, whether you’re a husband coming up with a wish list or a wife figuring out what to get for your handy guy, make sure your significant other knows you love them. That’s what counts. Celebrate together and remember the reaso
we celebrate this time of year. 

– Jeremy